Daniel Gibson’s Rookie Blog

Right now, I’m trying to get used to life in the NBA as well as the Cleveland weather. It’s just a little different than Texas. Everybody I’ve talked to in town has been telling me about these “blizzards” – so I brought a coat with me. But I can tell already that it’s not going to be enough. So I need to go shopping and get some more winter gear. Danny Ferry said he owes me a coat – a big coat. I don’t know about Danny’s taste, so hopefully he’ll take me with him.

Every now and then I get a little homesick. But I guess I’m just homesick for Texas, period. I’ve always been there, my whole life, and for really the first time, I’m away. My family isn’t here, so I’m kind of alone. But I hang out with Shannon (Brown) a lot and ‘Bron takes me out and makes me feel at home.

Back home my nickname is “Boobie.” I got that from my mom. I have two sisters and an older brother. And I have a cousin – Israel – who’s like a brother. We’re the same age. He calls me all the time since I’ve been here; gives me someone to talk to.

On and off the court, Eric Snow and David Wesley have helped me out a lot as a young guard. But another guard, Damon Jones, has really been great, too. Our relationship is basketball, but he keeps me relaxed. When I’m out there on the floor, he tells me what I’m doing right and wrong. But he also always keeps me laughing and smiling. Sometimes you can be way too tense out there and he keeps you in a relaxed state of mind. And that’s really when I perform at my best.

I’m still hanging out and trying to rest up between games and practices. Mostly, I just play video games. My favorite game going right now is “Scarface.” I love it. I play it all day, every day. You do everything that Tony Montana does – wiping people out, the whole deal. It’s really cool.

Talk to you soon, Cavalier fans. Next time from the regular season. I can't wait!