HEAT Academy: Volunteers

Our HEAT Academy students also get the opportunity to learn from positive role models who inspire them to excel. HEAT Academy Volunteers, comprised of Miami HEAT Business Operations staff, are assigned a classroom on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to administer their own lesson plan for the day and expose them to diverse experiences in the business world.

Our HEAT Academy Volunteers consist of the following employees for the 2018-2019 academic school year:

  • Eric Woolworth – President of Business Operations, The HEAT Group
  • Christine Machado Risso – Director, Human Resources
  • Jared Borlack - Senior Manager, Key Accounts & Special Events, Sales
  • Cristi Tufts – Assistant Controller, Finance
  • Cassandra Sigler – Coordinator, The HEAT Group Business Communications
  • Crystal Rogers – Coordinator, Marketing
  • Danielle Delgado – Interactive Marketing Coordinator, Marketing
  • Kristen Figarola – New Media, Marketing
  • Clara Stroude-Vazquez – Marketing Manager, Marketing
  • Sadisleidy Alvarez - Assistant, Business Communications, Marketing
  • Ana Glass – Director of Premium Service, Sales
  • Jacqueline Collazo – Manager, Sales Strategy
  • Brandon Myles - Member Account Representative, Season Ticket Memberships
  • Samuel O'Babatunde - Account Manager, Ticket Sales
  • Edson Crevecoeur - Vice President, Business Intelligence & Strategy
  • Kareek Best – Client Strategy Coordinator, Sales
  • Vincent Pace – HEAT Game Operations

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