Wolves Introduce "Sweet Suite" Event

Wolves Introduce "Sweet Suite" Event

On Nov. 20, the Minnesota Timberwolves hosted business men and women from around the Twin Cities at the Target Center with a chance to win a $100,000 suite package.

In total, the Wolves hand-delivered more than 100 invitations to companies around the Twin Cities for a chance at the “Sweet Suite.” Minnesota put its own twist on the event, giving cupcakes with each invitation.

(Get it, Sweet Suite?)

“I was invited to the Sweet Suite event,” said Karen Vanderbosch. “I am CEO at Make Music and received a package in the front lobby for some cupcakes and to attend the Sweet Suite event where I was to receive a key to see if we could qualify and win a $100,000 package.”

Before the Wolves hosted the Los Angeles Clippers, the Wolves had each person representing their business, try to open the suite. If they had the right key, the suite would be that company’s to use for customers, employees or other vendors.

“It’s really smart market to be able to use the giving away a suite to use that, to help get them in to let them know what you guys have to offer to learn more about,” said Nick Storm of AgMotion.

It was AgMotion that won the suite, but it wasn’t Storm that opened the door.

“I wasn’t actually one to open the door, it’s actually a funny story,” Storm said. “My coworker had to stay home to take care of his newborn, so he sent his brother along instead. We had a little argument as far as who got to go up there and do it and I made him do it and the confetti exploded and Crunch was there to greet him.”

It ended up being a creative way for the Wolves to meet others in the market and a great opportunity for business owners to see how the Wolves can help them achieve some of their goals… along with getting a few cupcakes in the process.

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