Training Camp Day 5

Timberwolves Head Coach Rick Adelman

Question: What kind of impression has Malcolm Lee made on you already in camp?
Adelman: “He’s impressed all the coaches. He’s a solid player. He can play the 1 or the 2. Very aggressive, good defender. He has to learn what it’s going to take to play the point in this league. Overall he’s a very versatile player and he works very hard. His defense is very good. He’s a tough-nosed kid.”

Q: Is he a point or a two?
Adelman: “I think both, doesn’t really matter. He can play both. His reputation was that he’s not a great shooter, but I think he’s worked on his shot because he’s made shots. I think he has a pretty good future.”

Q: What kind of shape is Bonzi in?
Adelman: “He played well today. We’ll see how he holds up – that’s going to be the key. We’ll see if the old body is going to be sore tomorrow. He’s still explosive around the rim. We’ll have to see how he takes it each day.”

Q: Will you take him to Mankato?
Adelman: “Yeah.”

Q: What have you thought about the first five days?
Adelman: ” I think they have a willingness to try to do what we want. We need to take it through. The start of practice they are really good, really active, really concentrating defensively on what we’re trying to do. But as practice went on the concentration went away, and that’s what we can’t have happen. They are willing to move the ball, and share the ball. Now we have to figure out a way for them to make the correct pass. They’re still throwing the ball away way too many times. But that’s going to come. Each guy is going to have to find their own strength. There’s definitely an unselfishness out there. Trying to do the right things. If they do that we have a chance to do better.”

Q: I see you didn’t do their free-throw drill today, was there a reason for that?
Adelman: “Well their legs were a little gone. We did some scrimmaging just before that. I felt that it’s the fifth day, and you kind of judge that as you go.”

Q: What are your thoughts so far on Wes Johnson? How is he fitting into the offense”
Adelman: “I think he’s played OK. What we’re trying to get him to do his not to just be a jump shooter. I want to see what he can do. He’s very athletic, he runs the floor, makes hard cuts… We’ll eventually find him there. His attitude has been terrific. We’re trying to play him in a couple of spots. We’re trying to see what everyone can do. We’re playing him mostly at the two, but some at the three.”

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