Crunch prepares to jump over Wolves assistant coach Ryan Saunders, along with a number of kids, during the Timberwolves Summer Caravan stop in Owatonna, Minnesota on Wednesday afternoon.
Bridget Anderson

So Far, So Good On Timberwolves Summer Caravan

Dane Mizutani
Web Editorial Assistant

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The 2014 U.S. Bank/Timberwolves Summer Caravan departed Target Center early Wednesday with planned stops in Owatonna, Minnesota, St. Cloud, Minnesota, and Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Wolves players Corey Brewer and Ronny Turiaf were the two main headliners on the Caravan this year and so far seem to be a hit in communities across Minnesota.

The Caravan started its expedition across the Midwest with an hour-and-a-half trek to Owatonna on Wednesday. Brewer and Turiaf began the various Caravan events Wednesday with a free clinic at Owatonna High School. A copious amount of people showed up at the events, including Corey Mensink, Market President for U.S. Bank in Owatonna. 

“I know for players and coaches to come down to our community in Minnesota and for these kids to have access to their idols and role models, it goes beyond words,” Mensink said. “We had a great crowd and I thought the kids were super enthusiastic about the whole show …  so we feel fortunate.” 

Wolves assistant coach Ryan Saunders along with numerous other members of the organization joined Brewer and Turiaf on the Caravan. Brewer and Turiaf wrapped up the clinic Wednesday with a brief autograph session before the Caravan left for a few other appearances in Owatonna. 

“It’s great to be able to spend some extended time with these players and coaches as well,” Mensink said. “I know we did this a few years ago and Corey Brewer was part of that event. They’re extremely personable, and what I really like about the Wolves, is they’ve really got …  players with high character. These players are first class, top notch people, and we couldn’t be happier to spend the afternoon with them.” 

The Caravan left Owatonna a few hours after lunch and slowly made its way to its next stop: St. Cloud, Minnesota. 

Brewer, Turiaf, and the rest of the crew made it to St. Cloud early Thursday morning ready for another afternoon of events. The Caravan events began at St. Cloud Apollo High school on Thursday with another free clinic headed by the two NBA players on hand. Brewer and Turiaf were again a hit as exemplified by either Brewer snapping selfies with fans or Turiaf getting hugs from others. The Caravan events wrapped up Thursday afternoon and the squad packed up shop and made way for the final leg of the three-city-in-three-day tour. 

It’s definitely been an exhausting trip from all on hand, but it’s also been a trip filled with fan engagement. That trip will end Friday in Eau Claire, Wisconsin before the Caravan travels back to the Twin Cities.