Simons Says Podcast | 2013-14

Simons Says | Finishing Strong


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Simons Says | Finishing Strong
This week on the podcast, Rod Simons talks about the Wolves finishing strong and playing tough against the Spurs, Heat and Bulls over the past week. He also takes questions from fans and answers your basketball inquiries.

Simons Says | Working Toward Improvement
Rod Simons and crew talk about the ups and downs that the Wolves have gone through this season and what they need to do to work toward consistency and improvement moving forward through the end of this year and into 2014-14.

Simons Says | Trip Down Memory Lane
This week's program was a trip down memory lane for the crew, as Rod Simons and Co. talk about their favorite teams both growing up and professionally.

Simons Says | Postseason Hopes
As we get closer and closer to the postseason, the Wolves sit at 32-31 with 19 games to play. Rod Simons and the crew talk about the Wolves' postseason hopes and why the team is in the position its in with a month to go.

Simons Says | Post Knicks Game Reaction
This week on the program, Rod Simons addresses the position the Wolves are in after falling to the Knicks on Wednesday and what how that impacts where the team sits in the West.

Simons Says | Guest Mark Remme
On this week's episode, Web Editor Mark Remme joins the program to talk about the Wolves' current spot 10th in the Western Conference and their quest to enter into the top eight.

Simons Says | Starting The 2nd Half
This week, Rod Simons and crew talk about the Timberwolves' position in the Western Conference and what it's going to take to make the postseason over these final 28 games.

Simons Says | Jeff Munneke
In this week's episode, the team's own Jeff Munneke joins Simons to talk about his history with the team and everything he's seen as a member of the pack.

Simons Says | Taking A Step Back
In this week's podcast Rod Simons and crew takes a look at the season of the Timberwolves right now and compares it to past year. Simons also discusses the landscape of the NBA as a whole.

Simons Says | On Location In NYC
This is a special podcast as Rod Simons and crew are on location in New York City for Super Bowl XLVIII. This week they're talking Kevin Love in the NBA All-Star Game, their gripes about other All-Star starters and more.

Simons Says | Getting Consistent
In this week's podcast, Rod Simons and his crew breaks down Minnesota's recent wins over the Jazz and what the Wolves need to do to stay consistent. He also looks at the upcoming weekend on the West Coast and how challenging that might be.

Simons Says | Guest Mark Remme
On this week's episode, Simons Says and the crew welcome in's Mark Remme to talk a bit about his background prior to joining the Wolves and get his take on Minnesota's inconsistent season.

Simons Says | Turning The Corner
Rod Simons talks about the Wolves' current situation coming off a win this week against the 76ers and what it will take to win close games heading into the second half of the season.

Simons Says | Something's Gotta Give
This week, Rod Simons looks back at the tough losses in Los Angeles against the Lakers and Clippers and says something's gotta give. The Wolves have the potential to be a playoff team, but the consistency needs to be there.

Simons Says | Finding Their Footing
Rod Simons and his crew break down the team's schedule so far and explain why the West is so superior compared to the East. Rod explains that teams like San Antonio and Portland are among the league's best.

Simons Says | Wolves In The Tough West
Rod Simons and A-Train talk a little bit about the up and down play from the Wolves in the past 2-3 weeks and what that means in a difficult Western Conference. But Rod says if they find consistency the Wolves will be in good shape.

Simons Says | Heading Into December
Rod Simons and his crew break down how tough Minnesota's month of November was as we move into December. Simons also breaks down the Western Conference and dissects the Derrick Williams and Luc Mbah a Moute trade.

Simons Says | Adelman's Impact
Rod Simons is back with another podcast. This week, Simons breaks down why Rick Adelman is such a perfect coach for the Minnesota Timberwolves. He compares the Wolves to another team that Adelman coached in his career.

Simons Says | First Week Breakdown
Rod Simons is back this week for another edition of Simons Says the podcast, and this week he's looking back on the first week of the season. Rod tackles Kevin Love's Western Conference Player of the Week honors, the 3-0 start, the near-comeback in Cleveland and more.

Simons Says | Previewing The NBA Season
This week's podcast wraps up the preseason as Rod Simons and "A-Train" Artie Kuh take a look at some of the main storylines surrounding the Timberwolves' playoff chances and what to expect in the Western Conference this season.

Simons Says | Lynx Celebration/Wolves Open Preseason
Rod Simons talks about the Lynx's second championship run in three years, and he also talks about what he's seen out of the Timberwolves early on this preseason in this week's edition of Simons Says.

Simons Says | Top 5 Offseason Storylines
Get ready for this year's Timberwolves season with Rod Simons of Game On! TV and KTWIN. Rod goes through his top five offseason storylines and analyzes the upcoming season in this first-ever podcast version of Simons Says.

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