Munn's Musings | Oct. 29, 2013

Editor’s Note: Vice President of Fan Experience Jeff Munneke is a beloved member of the Timberwolves family, and as an employee of the team since the inaugural 1989-90 season, he has a lot of on and off the court knowledge about the team. That ranges from top halftime acts and coolest players all the way to season ticket eating venues and most memorable games. Each week during the 2013-14, Munn’s going to share that knowledge with us through Top 5 lists in this “Munn’s Musings” blog. Enjoy!

Up to 4 times per month, I’ve created a burgers and basketball format for lunch as a way for seat members to meet each other informally, tell stories about Timberwolves history (Part of my future book) and update seat members on the current day status of the team. If you’re looking for a place to sit down and talk some hoops, these are the places I’d recommend hitting up. You might even see me there!

So without further ado…

Twolves Top 5 feedbag locations to entertain our seat members for lunch:

1. Matt's Bar:
Oooh, the smell as you enter the hot lava lair of burgers. Our signature spot to host seat members with a departure time of 10:50 to ensure ourselves of securing the back L shaped booth, coupled with sliding over 2-3 tables for our crew of 12-15. Throw in the crispy cut fries hot off the press along with the can of pop (no ice) and the storytelling can begin. Vinyl covering on booth and chairs, only cash, no ice, no plates. Team President Chris Wright was once known to have the longest travel distance for the hot lava after his first bite which traveled up the arm of his sport coat.

2. The Nook:
Taking care of our East Side seat members, we love to venture over to sample the burgers named after famous Cretin-Derham Hall alumni to The Nook—which burned down in 2011 and thankfully reopened five months later to some subtle changes......We prefer hosting our seat members in the basement where we can secure 12-15 spaces facing each other for better story telling. Personal fav is the Molitor burger (Pepperjack Jucy Lucy) along with sweet potato fries. If smaller group, the booth tucked behind the bar is the garden spot which actually housed the old kitchen. Can expand our drink options with my ever-present Arnie Palmer.

3. The Blue Door Pub:
Two locations - If entering in St Paul a departure time of 10:45 is a must to secure the church pew table to host 8-10 seat members. If larger groups we go to Longfellow in Mpls and latch on to the large 12-15 person "King Arthur" table. Although most do not take me up on my recommendation I will still heartily endorse the Jiffy Burger along with Cajun tots. The Jiffy is a bacon cheeseburger with pepperjack, peanut butter and mayo. The Blue Door is also active on social media.

4. Groveland Tap:
Always friendly and accommodating, and owned by fellow Lake Citian Steph Shimp , will take reservation to secure the large area in the back for 12-15 guests and must sample the Ellsworth burger (Juicy Lucy with Cheese curds) along with crinkle fries as the go to. With 34 "refreshments" on tap many consider this a return trip for happy hour on a Non Twolves home game night :)

5. Huberts Sports Bar & Grill:
Our friends downstairs in Hubert's create a nice horseshoe for camaraderie and storytelling and of course obvious convenience when the schedule is more compact for traveling. Although currently off the menu the sliders were my go to along with the already poured upon entry Arnie Palmer. On many occasions over the lunch hour you may get a look at a Twolves or Lynx player picking up lunch or perhaps..........even joining our group. Very active with social media and have a basketball rim/net over the top of the men's bathroom garbage cans to test your "range"

Thanks for stopping by, everyone! I look forward to seeing you each week here on as well as at Target Center this season. Have a great day!

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