Game Night Spotlight: Minute to Win It

Game Night Spotlight: Minute to Win It

Cristy Brusoe
Web Editorial Assistant

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Four contestants had a minute to win it during halftime of Saturday night’s Timberwolves victory over the Boston Celtics.

The competition was composed of three, minute-in-length contests. After each, a contestant was eliminated, until there was only one winner remaining.

The first contest was called fast stackers. The contestants were told to stack plastic cups on top of one another until they were back to the blue cup they started with on top.

The competition required focus and concentration, as contestant 1 dropped a cup on the floor. The 4th contestant, a young man dressed in a retro Wolves shirt, finished 1st. The last to finish was contestant number 2, who was eliminated.

The second minute to win it contest was called the Face the Cookie challenge. Each contestant had to ease the cookie down their face and guide it into their mouths. The 4th contestant once again finished 1st, while the final two female contestants spent the next few minutes trying to perfect their eye-mouth coordination. The 1st contestant, a woman in a Kevin Love jersey, finally completed the longer-than-a-minute contest.

Down to the last contest, the final two contestants lined up with each hand wrapped in paper mache. The first contestant to completely unravel the mache would be deemed the winner. The 4th contestant used the “running in circles” method, while the 1st contestant had a stronger idea to wrap it around her wrists.

However, the 4th contestant dominated all three competitions and came out of nowhere to unravel all the mache and winning the Treasure Island Prize pack.

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