Draft Workouts: June 21, 2013

Gonzaga forward Kelly Olynyk

How was the workout?

It was good. It was fun, it was a great group of guys in here. Great set of coaches, with a lot of knowledge. Guys working hard competing. It's all you can really ask for.

What's your defensive strategy?

I wouldn't say I'm the best shot blocker in the draft by any means. Shot blocking is a lot about timing it's also about pure athleticism. Maybe it's something I can improve. I think defensively, I have a high IQ, getting in the right spots and positions, team defense concepts rather than individual lockdown defender.

Did staying in school last year help?

It was huge, I 'm not sure I would have been drafted coming out as a freshman or sophomore. A wise decision to stay. Also, I took that redshirt year and that really helped improve my body and develop my game and get my body and game mentally and physically where it needed to be.

Colorado State center Colton Iverson

How was the workout?

Great players here so it was a lot of competing and shooting drills. It was a good workout.

When did you see your game jump?

It was really my redshirt year. I put in a lot of work and just got better. I mean it showed up in my senior year and thankfully it all worked out otherwise I wouldn't' be here right now.

Are you ready for the NBA?

I've been working real hard the last two years. I've improved a lot. I think I'm ready to take it to the next level.

How you have changed since transferring from Minnesota?

Just completely different. I've got more offensive game, I'm not the slow slug you saw at Minnesota. I've slimmed down, lost some weight, toned up, really jus improved all around.

Wolves President of Basketball Operations Flip Saunders

On the transformation of Colton Iverson

I think the people in Minnesota, if they had seen him play they wouldn't think it was the same guy. It was a transformation. Got to give him credit, give his staff credit where he went... He's much improved, a lot of confidence. I believe he's a guy that has a chance to make it in our league somewhere.

What's changed with him since leaving Minnesota?

Just his confidence. I mean, he was very mechanical when he was in Minnesota. He got the ball predetermined shots that he wanted to take. Out here he showed just more of an ability to play with the flow, did not look stiff at all. I didn't feel like it was the same player.

What impressed you about Kelly Olynyk?

For bigs, one of the most skilled with the ball, being able to handle the ball pass the ball, shoot the ball. It's just being comfortable with the ball, able to throw a high low pass and the other thing was, with him, what's shocking, he measured in bare feet at 6'11 which is big. I thought he'd measure at 6'10, so basically with shoes on he's over seven foot.

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