Draft Workouts: June 18, 2013

Lehigh guard C.J. McCollum How did the workout go?

I thought it went pretty well. A lot of shots. A lot of shots off screens. A lot of shots off the dribble. All and all it was fun. I challenged myself at the end try to knock down the 3, it took me an extra couple shots. Definitely a good workout.

How many workouts have you been to so far?

Seven. One more... Detroit. Fly out to Detroit tonight.

How's the ankle feeling?

It feels really good. Feels better than it did before I got hurt.

How can you help the Wolves?

They were last in the NBA in 3-point percentage for starters, so I'm a pretty good shooter. Percentage wise I show about 52 percent from three through 12 games. I can help in a multitude of ways first and foremost by knocking down shots. I think I showed that today.

What position do you think you'll play?

It all depends on team needs. Obviously here they have a really good point guard in Ricky Rubio. I feel like the need is at the two guard. They need another guy who can knock down shots and score and help Kevin Love down low. I feel like I'm that guy. I can be a starting two guard and play the one as well. I feel like I'm very rare.

How do you think you and Ricky would play together?

I think we would play well. At the same time they (defenders) would have to guard us.... Offensively look at the NBA now, it's revolving around two guards who can shoot, and create for others. I think Rubio and I would be great together.

Rio Grande Valley guard Glen Rice, Jr.

On how the workout went

It went pretty well, like you said a lot of good guys we got out here and competed and worked hard and we let the coaching staff know what we were capable of.

What was it like working out for this coaching staff?

It was good. The energy was very high that was a good thing.

How much fun would it be to play with guys like Ricky Rubio and Kevin Love?

It'd be pretty fun but at this point you'd just like to play anywhere.

What would it be like to be the first D-League player to be drafted in the first round?

It'd be exciting. I'd be ecstatic, just to know all the hard work paid off. Like you said, the route isn't conventional, but I'd just be extremely happy. More than words can express.

Does the D-League give you an advantage?

The fact that the 3-point line is the same as the NBA. The guys are bigger and better, the game tempo is a little faster. I think that's the main thing.

Has your dad (Glen Rice Sr.) helped you at all during the draft process being he played in the NBA?

I mean I talk to him, but he can't give too much advice in the process because he was a top-4 draft pick, So his route was a whole lot different.

What's your plan next?

I still got four more workouts so I'll probably be on the road until Wednesday.... Just keep working hard for the rest of the workouts.

G Brandon Paul, Illinois

Where have you all been previous to this?

I've been all over the place. Now I think this is my 12h work out. I started off obviously at the combine, and then from there went to Brooklyn, as well as Minnesota, I've been all over the place. Spurs, Pistons, Knicks, OKC, Chicago, Portland, Phoenix, Houston, obviously this one. So, I got a couple more left.

What does it mean when a team like the Wolves brings you back for another workout?

It means a lot. Obviously (it) just shows the type of work I've put in the last three years, throughout my career... (I try to) show these guys that I deserve to be on a roster.

What's it like working out for this coaching staff?

Yeah, they are a group of guys that they want you to be successful, and it shows, they push us. This owes a really good workout for us. A little tiring, but this is the type of work you'll have to put in at the next level. Working with these guys gets me excited at the next level, no matter where I go I'm going to have a staff that's wants me to get better.

What's the grind going to be like with a full NBA season?

Yeah, but you know you get time to obviously, with the 82 games it's different than college but you get time to recuperate. The NBA has a lot of different equipment and trainers to help you get your body intact throughout the season. As the season gets so long I know some teams try to keep you fresh, may not practice as hard, I'm just getting ready all these workouts get me focused on the next level.

What will it mean if you hear your name called?

It'll mean a lot. My dream since I was younger and still hasn't really hit me yet. Kind of a surreal situation. When it happens, I'm going to be really excited for it and I'll be able to celebrate.

Wolves President of Basketball Operations Flip Saunders How did you feel about his maturity?

That's the one thing about someone that stays in school. You stay in school you get more mature, you go through the whole college atmosphere. (It) prepares you for life whether you're a basketball player or regular job.

Do you need a shooter?

You want guys who can play, so shooting is very important. I said at ESPN all year long, I don't think you can win in the NBA if you can't make threes and I think we are seeing that right now as much as anything when you look at San Antonio and Miami.

Can he play the shooting guard?

I would have to look at who you guard... Offensively you want the guy to have point guard skills and he can play the two guard those types of ball skills makes you effective offensively. Teams aren't' used to handling that.

I think he can guard twos. There's certain twos in the league that no one can guard, it doesn't matter how big, small quick or strong you are.

How did McCollum do?

I was impressed. He shot the ball well. ... Extremely bright, very mature. He's not going to be awed by the situation of the NBA.

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