David Kahn Addresses Media At Pre-Draft Workouts

How is the process going with you guys and how do you organize who comes in?

The coaches will just as they did today be the people on the floor in effect running the workouts. We didn’t it this week. I take it back, Shawn [Respert] and David Adelman were here so they were able to run the workout in that respect. We don’t have too many names yet confirmed but we are in the process of doing so. We’re kind of in the middle of the first round. It’s an unusual spot, well it’s not unusual but a lot of the players still believe they’re in the lottery. So we’ve got 35 players who think they’re in the lottery and they’re a little hesitant to come work out at 18. But those things work themselves out and they do as always. And I think once Chicago is over we’ll have a more defined schedule.

How many do you think you’ll bring in?

I think it will end up being six to eight.

How is it different this year not being in the lottery? Any change in the process?

No, it’s just like any other year except you put the team as the template over it and just make decision based on what you already have and what you may have coming up in the future.

Is this a chance for GMs to do some business?

Sure it’s always easier when you see people in person for people to pull people aside. It happened to me a couple times today where people pulled me aside and sort of dropped the hint or even more forceful than that. It’s very helpful but in today’s world it’s not the only way: Texting, phones, everything else. I think last night’s lottery is the starting gun in that respect. I think everyone waits to know the order is, and now that we know the order we start to mix and match some players and things will pick up some speed. But it’s still a long, long time away.

Are you working with Rob [Babcock] and RJ [Adelman] in bringing people in and out of here?

I’ve put RJ in effect in charge of dealing with the agents and working out the scheduling in terms of when they can come in. Rob, as he’s done in the past was the point person for this. He’s done it before and he’s done it well and I think he’s doing it well again.

Do you anticipate getting some calls from other teams about the No. 18 pick?

It’s early still but already a couple and not just today but I know there is…I think in every draft, it may not happen before the draft but we’ll get calls even that night. It always happens that way. It always has.

Will you be interested in trading that pick for a veteran?

It has to be factored into it. It has to be factored into the thinking as we determine what to do. But one way or another, it’s reality.

Do you have to alter that plan?

I think we all have to stay open to everything. As much as we all hope to dictate what can happen, there’s 29 other teams who are similarly looking out for themselves and have an assortment of cap room and assets and things they want to do. So it’s very rare that you can start something and not at least have Plan B, C, D and so on. That’s always been the case and will continue to be this season as well.

Is your gut feeling your roster last year will remain?

I think it will largely remain when you think about the key players here. As I said at the end of the season. You know that Ricky and Kevin will be back, that’s a given. And I think there’s probably without naming names I could name about five or six names that will be back. That’s not to say everyone else will be gone. But I think the guts of the team will remain the same. But we need to get better, and we will get better.

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