Spreading Holiday Cheer

Mark Remme
Wolves Editor/Writer

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The Minnesota Timberwolves helped spread holiday cheer this week at the University of Minnesota Children’s Hospital. Crunch stopped by with presents for patients who are in the hospital over the holidays.

The Wolves donated gifts for patients to come by and pick up. Crunch was on hand to spread holiday cheer through high fives and hugs.

“The kids are really excited,” said U of M Medical Foundation External Relations Officer Nick Engebloom. “I’ve heard many people say it’s put a smile on their child’s face. The kids alone, I’ve seen so many high fives. Being in such a terrible position of going to a hospital, the kids are so sad as it is, but to have this bright smile on their faces because Crunch and the Timberwolves are here is something they can cherish forever.”

Patients and family members alike enjoyed the company and the generosity over the holidays.

“It warms my heart,” said Bridgit Leeb, whose child is in the hospital. “It’s nice to know that when kids aren’t feeling their best and in the hospital over the holidays that somebody is taking the time to come out and make them feel better and smile.”

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