The Amazing Sladek Performs His Tower Of Chairs Show

David Sherman and Jordan Johnson/NBAE/Getty Images

Fans at Target Center had the opportunity to watch The Amazing Sladek do his gravity-defying chair-stacking act on Friday night as the Timberwolves took on the Houston Rockets. Sladek took the court during half time and, as the spotlights illuminated his spot on the Wolves’ logo, he did his world-renown halftime act to the amazement of those in attendance.

Sladek’s Tower of Chairs performance is unique because he begins with two feet planted on the ground, then climbs nearly two-thirds of the way to the center-court scoreboard using nothing but white chairs. The foundation of the chairs sat on a raised platform that, itself, was 3-4 feet high. Each chair sat on top of the next in opposite position, creating a rectangle of sorts when two chairs were paired together.

By the time Sladek was finished climbing, he stood atop approximately six chairs—arms raised in triumphant fashion.

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