Phoenix Suns 2011-12 Exit Interviews

Jared Dudley: April 26

Suns forward Jared Dudley is not only excited for next season, but I also looking forward to the off season workouts in San Diego.

Markieff Morris: April 26

Suns forward Markieff Morris talks about his overall experience as a rookie.

Gortat: April 26

Suns center Marcin Gortat describes on what he needs to focus on next year in-order to improve his skills.

Gentry: April 26

After speaking with all the players on the last day, we get a brief summary of what he expects for next year.

Hakim Warrick: April 26

Suns forward Hakim Warrick discusses his offseason plans and who he thinks will win the NBA Finals.

Robin Lopez: April 26

Suns center Robin Lopez meets with the media to discuss the season and his thoughts regarding his personal play.

Sebastian Telfair: April 26

Suns guard Sebastian Telfair meets with the media to discuss the season and what he has planned for the summer.