Postgame Quotes: Suns vs. Spurs - Jan. 26, 2013

Lindsey Hunter

Suns Forward Michael Beasley

Suns Guard Jared Dudley

Mike Budenholzer

Tony Parker

Manu Ginobili

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Suns Head Coach Lindsey Hunter

(When asked about the Spurs defense in the fourth quarter…)
“Like I said before the game, that’s what we consider to be the model. How disciplined they are. How precise they are. They make you make the right play or they make you pay for it.”

(When asked what changed from the first three quarters…)
“I think our guys did a really good job executing, fighting defensively. We accomplished everything we talked about, our intensity, our focus and our mental preparation. That’s what it’s about. I couldn’t be more proud of a team than these guys right now. They are really growing day-by-day. We’ll take it one quarter at a time, one game at a time. I’m excited at the direction that we are headed.”

(When asked about the play of Tony Parker and how he couldn’t be stopped in the fourth quarter…)
“You can ask the 30 other teams in the NBA that same question. I thought Goran (Dragic) did just as well. Goran attacked and fought defensively. I think he had 10 assists. Our guys stood toe-to-toe with a giant tonight and they still came out standing. I’m happy about that.”

(When asked about the play of PJ Tucker tonight…)
“PJ (Tucker) gives you all the intangibles. PJ is made of the substance that we want to create our whole entire culture by. That’s the type of thing that excites me, excited us. We just want to keep building day-by-day.”

(When asked if the ejection of Shannon Brown was a turning point for the Spurs…)
“No. We talk about being a no-excuse organization and that’s no excuse. We’re not at that level right now, but I can tell you this, it won’t be long before we are.”


Suns Forward Michael Beasley

(On Tony Parker in the fourth quarter…)
“Tony Parker knows how to take over a game. He’s been doing it for years. He did it again tonight. He just knows how to take over games.”

(On the Spurs’ ability to come back in the fourth quarter…)
“Everyone’s been here for the past hundred years. They know how to play with each other. They know how to win basketball games. They’ve won titles on top of titles. That’s really their game. Games like that, we’ve really got to take care of the ball. In the very least, get a shot.”


Suns Guard Jared Dudley

(On the Spurs’ comeback in the fourth quarter…)
“It just shows you that’s why they’ve won so many titles. They didn’t have the ‘Big Three’ but they had the big two. Tony (Parker) did a good job. We tried to make him a jump shooter going under the screen. His style when he attacks it puts pressure and when he gets into the paint he’s probably one of the best in the NBA at finishing up there with LeBron (James) and everyone. In the fourth quarter, they executed and you saw our inexperience didn’t pay off. We had a lot of turnovers, missed opportunities and shot clock violations. That’s when they took over.”

(On if there was a momentum swing after Shannon Brown’s ejection…)
“They got a couple of extra free throws and the ball I believe, so maybe a little bit but not too much. I think we were still up afterwards so it wasn’t a huge play but for the most part it was the execution in the fourth quarter. That’s what separates the good teams from the teams that are just mediocre. That fourth quarter execution.”


Spurs Assistant Coach Mike Budenholzer

(How far has Tony (Parker) come in the last four or five years to be that fourth quarter closer for you guys…)
“Well, he’s come a long way. I think with Tim, Manu and Tony, we feel fortunate to have all three of those guys. Pop’s put the ball in all their hands. With Manu being injured, it’s probably given Tony more opportunities and now Timmy is a little bit dinged up. We’re almost down to no choices and he loves it.”

(Did Manu exceed what you had hoped to play him tonight…)
“No, I don’t think so. He ended up with 20 (minutes) and we kind of set 18-22, so we kept him underneath that 22 mark. We thought he was going to be big to get us over the top. Obviously Tony was great, but we needed one more guy. We’ve used a lot of fuel, a lot of energy the last couple of nights, so for Manu to do what he did tonight really made the difference.”

(You kind of had the luxury of resting him in the second half last night with the big lead…)
“Yeah. We kind of rolled the bones a little bit and thought that if we could keep the lead, get the win and keep Manu out, we could have the best of both worlds. It worked out well.”

(Jared) Dudley wasn’t as active in the fourth quarter. What did you do differently defensively…)
“I think it just started with individual effort. I think we were all frustrated with how well he was playing and give him a ton of credit, he was amazing tonight. I think our focus on him just heightened as he made basket after basket. At some point, we just decided that we had to get a stop and it was no scheme or change. It was more probably just effort.”

(Do you feel like the momentum turned on the flagrant foul…)
“Well, it helped us. It helped close the gap at the end of the third quarter. I think losing Shannon Brown obviously hurts them. I think there were a lot of positives, obviously, but it was still nip and tuck. When we started getting stops at the five to six minute mark is when the momentum really changed.”


Spurs Guard Tony Parker

(On the game tonight...)
“It was a tough game because we had a tough time matching Phoenix's energy. I think we may have been a little tired from the Dallas game but the fourth quarter we made the stops we needed and played a lot better. On offense we moved the ball and hit some big baskets."

(On how far he has come as a fourth quarter closer...)
"You know me as a basketball player, I am always trying to improve every year. Over the last few years it is becoming my team and Coach Pop is always challenging me to become that franchise player who closes games and makes good decisions with the ball offensively for myself and my teammates. I always take to heart Pop's challenges."

(On Shannon Brown's flagrant foul on Manu (Ginobili)...)
"I think it was a big momentum change because we all looked at each other and we told each other to finish it in the fourth quarter."


Spurs Guard Manu Ginobili

(On the flagrant foul by Shannon Brown...)
“I faked the shot and went to the rim. I saw a clear path and I thought I was going to go to lay it up then I felt that hit in the head and I did not know what happened. I knew it was a flagrant but I did not see what the player was doing."

(If he had the chance to watch the foul on film...)
"Yes, I figured it would be a flagrant but I did not know if it was a one or two. The referees probably saw it over 50 times so they made the decision but I just did not expect it."

(On Tony Parker becoming a finisher in the fourth quarter...)
"He is unbelievable. I cannot say he became a fourth quarter finisher this year because of how he played last year, especially in the first two months. But he is in that point of his career where he is so confident. He is doing so good that he can relax a little bit in the first half and then when we need him, he starts making those jumpers and takes over."