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Postgame Quotes: Suns @ Bulls - April 5, 2011

Alvin Gentry

Grant Hill

Vince Carter

Tom Thibodeau

Carlos Boozer

Joakim Noah

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Suns Head Coach Alvin Gentry

(On comeback)
“I thought we played hard, especially in that second half. Defensively we came up with the stops and were able to get out in the open court. We had to do that to get back in it.”

(On the last possession)
“We were supposed to set up a screen for Channing. If we couldn't get that, we hope we could get it set for anyone else. It broke down and it was not a good possession for us. We just couldn't get it in the basket most of the game. We need to play like we did at the end and not just to make a comeback when you're down 22. In the third quarter we played with a lot more energy and we need to learn from that. See, we have to play for 48 minutes, not 24.”

(On defending Derrick Rose)
“We tried to stop his dribble penetration. I thought Grant and Steve did a good job with that. We were trying to take the charges when we had him in the paint and where we thought we could corral him. We just didn't get all the calls. In that first half, the 20 points to two on free throws was our fault. We just fouled them on offensive rebounds or second-chance attempts. That was our undoing. We got down 22 and then fought back in it. However, it still counts as a loss. I appreciate the fact that we didn't stop and got back in it but we need to play like that from the start.”


Suns forward Grant Hill

(On the blocking call)
“ I thought that I was there but didn't get the call. Derrick is the MVP here at home. It's not the first time that an MVP got that call down the stretch. What really undid us was the stretch in the second and third quarters where we weren't playing well. It never should have been such a one-sided score.”

(On the last shot)
“We didn't execute the play that we drew up. Steve wound up with Noah on him. He tried to penetrate and see if something good would open up but it didn't. That's what happened. However, we never should have gotten down 20 in the second half, this team plays too good of defense and you can't play like that against the No. 1 team in the East.”


Suns guard Vince Carter

(On their poor first half)
“In the first half they just took advantage of us and were much more aggressive and got second-chance opportunities. We fought back tonight which is something we didn't do in San Antonio. I'm pleased with the effort and turnaround but this inconsistent play has been our Achilles heel lately.”

(On the last shot)
“It's very tough trying to run a play with no timeouts. Korver had missed one free throw so we were down three. We rushed it up court but had no spacing and didn't get a good shot. However, it doesn't all come down to just one play. We should have played like that the whole game and not just the second half. Who knows, if we had half the effort of the second half in the first we might have won.”


Bulls Head Coach Tom Thibodeau

“You have to give the Suns credit. They kept fighting. Of course Nash was terrific. Carter was terrific and Grotat hurt us on the boards. Grant Hill was his usual self. He just does so many things on the floor that makes his team better. The Suns are tough. When you look at their season, they had a good year. They had a lot of injuries and they had the major trade. They logged some tough minutes down the stretch here. We knew they are a good team. We did not play well. You have to give the Suns credit, they did play well. They played hard, they played smart and they were unselfish. We did not play tough with a lead. Our shot selection hurt us, our defensive transition hurt us. We have to do a lot better. We have to clean up a lot of things.”

(On settling for jump shots)
“Their zone was part of it. We had some drives that we could have gotten calls on that did not go our way. I thought we were very aggressive in the first half getting to the line. In the second half we were not as aggressive. Sometimes you have to make the official make the call. We were double clutching instead of attacking. We did not earn it. I thought Derrick on a couple of drives could have got a call and did not. We need other people to step up. Overall we gave up 94 points, 54 in the 2nd half. That is not good enough.”

(On Noah's timing)
“Offensively pretty good. Defensively you could see it was not there. He played away from the basket a lot, he was on Frye. He is still hurting a little bit. Overall he was good. I am concerned he is not able to get in rhythm because he has missed so much time. He has missed almost half a season. Just as he was getting his timing back he sprained his ankle. Nothing you can do for that except rehab. Hopefully he will get better each day. We need his reboudning. To be the team we want to be, he has to rebound big.”

(On Deng’s defense)
“That's the thing about Luol, it was not a great game. For him, for 3 quarters of the game, in the end he was going to do whatever was needed. He is a great competitor. Vince Carter is a great competitior. All you can do in those situations is to make him work as hard as possible and limit him to one shot. Luol played initial defense on Carter very well. But unfortunately we gave up some 2nd shots. When you do that it takes something out of you. Overall, you cannot say enough about how much he does for us. You cannot measure it statistically. It is a lot of mental toughness. He does not quit. He keeps coming, he keeps battling. We need that.”


Bulls forward Carlos Boozer

“We have to fix some things. We go to practice tomorrow, fix them, and be better on Thursday.”

(On playing with Noah)
“I'm not worried about that. We'll tighten it up in practice tomorrow and we'll be ready on Thursday.”

(On looking forward to clinching home court)
“We'll take it one game at a time. We'll just get ready for our next opponent. We'll watch tape on this game and learn from the mistakes we made and get ready for Thursday. We know we didn't play our best game tonight, so our whole approach is to get better tomorrow in practice.”


Bulls forward Joakim Noah

“We definitely didn't play our best basketball tonight but a win is a win. A lot of mental errors. Personally I made a couple of mistakes. But a win is a win. We have areas to improve on. We'll focus and get ready for our next opponent.”

(On how he feels)
“I felt great. I was very happy to be out there. It;s tough to be missing games, especially this time of year. It felt good to be out there on the court, and happy to get a win.”