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Postgame Quotes: Suns at Hornets - March 16, 2011

Alvin Gentry

Marcin Gortat

Jared Dudley

Monty Williams

Chris Paul

Willie Green

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Suns Head Coach Alvin Gentry

“The second quarter is where we ran into problems. The first quarter I thought we played well. We made a couple of bad decisons at the end of the quarter, but I thought we played well. The second quarter, we go six minutes without scoring a field goal and score seventeen points, and when we do that we’re going to struggle. We just had too many turnovers, points off of turnovers. We gave up too many points in the paint, and when we do that we’re going to struggle. At the end of the day, they got 22 points off of our turnovers, and almost double our points in the paint. We’re going to struggle.”

(On Steve Nash)
“He tried, but he’s not the same guy. I didn’t expect him to be. Just to have him out there was good for us. He’s not going to be a hundred percent, and with him that’s important that he has the zip. He just didn’t have it after coming back from that injury. He’s trying like crazy, but obviously he’s not the same guy playing at the same level with an injury like that.”

(On giving up points in the paint)
“We have to do a better job. We’re making some bad defensive decisons as far as our rotations and things like that. We can’t leave the basket unprotected. From the second quarter on we did a bad job of that. Our rotations are such that you can’t leave the basket unprotected, and we did that quite a bit.”


Suns center Marcin Gortat

(On the loss and the playoff implications)
“Every loss hurts and definitely every loss is going to make a difference for this run towards the playoffs. We were so close again and for the second time we started playing in the second half, and in the first half we didn’t play smart. We made easy mistakes and we made too easy turnovers.

(On the Suns smaller lineups)
“Most of the game we played with one big. It was tough and they are a physical team.”


Suns forward Jared Dudley

(On the late run and coming up short)
“It was a tough one because we had opportunities to go. We didn’t play smart throughout the whole game. Chris Paul was amazing in the first half. He dominated the game. We had bad turnovers and bad shot selections. We dug ourselves this hole, and with injuries being a part of the NBA, the last couple of games. Now we got back Steve (Nash) and we will get back Chan(ning Frye) in the next couple, but there are still 15 or 16 games left.”


Hornets Head Coach Monty Williams

“I’m glad we got the win, but I get frustrated when I have to get on the core guys; David (West), Chris (Paul) and Emeka (Okafor). They way they played tonight, guys like that have the most pressure every night, so they should be rewarded with a win the way we should have won it. I get frustrated because we have these mental lapses against teams that are sharp right now, you can’t have that. At the same time, I know it’s the NBA and you are playing against the best, but we have won games like this before and as ugly as it was I’m glad we got the win but it is frustrating.”

(On how the Suns got back into the game in the end of the third, early fourth quarters)
“We had some missed assignments. We were leaving shooters to rotate to non-shooters and then those guys are wide open and that’s what they do, they knock down threes. They knocked down 14 threes tonight and they shot 34 threes, which means you are taking away their interior but mental lapses on the floor, we can’t have it this time of year. And yet, we feel like we won against a team that is chasing us trying to get into the playoffs and I didn’t like the execution down the stretch in the beginning of the fourth til about five to six minutes to go in the game, that execution, we can’t have that. It’s something that we’ve addressed and we are going to get better at it watching film and we have to get ready for the next game.”

(On a few days off to get ready for Boston on Saturday)
“To me, it’s all about personal responsibility. At this point in the year, I’ve been coaching all year long and at this point we are not coaching effort, we are coaching execution, but we shouldn’t be coaching execution that we put in November and December. Execution that we have to coach now should be the new things that we are putting in or adjustments. That was a bit bothersome tonight, but I know our guys will learn from it because we have character guys in that locker room and they want it just as bad as I do so we’ll grow from this.”


Hornets guard Chris Paul

(On dominating inside the paint tonight)
“We just wanted to try and force the issue. We just wanted to be aggressive in the lane as much as possible. That’s the way that guys get their shots going.”

(On the importance of the win tonight)
“It was very important. This is a team that is right there in the playoff hunt with us. We needed to show ourselves that we can beat them because we play these guys again in about a week.”

(On losing a big lead)
“We were up 19 and ended up winning by four of five or something like that. We’ve got to do better. We’ve done this a number of times, where we had a lead and let the team back in (the game). Great teams don’t do that, especially at home.”


Hornets guard Willie Green

(On the way the team closed out tonight’s game)
“I thought that we played a good, solid game. We didn’t close it out the way that we would have liked to. That’s what coach talked about after the game. We were all feeling it. We all felt a little disappointed in the way that we closed out the game. We’ve just got to get better. I’ve been saying that all season, that we have to get better. We’ve just got to continue to push through. I think that this is a great team (that we beat). I think they’re a very good team. They have some great players. They made a little surge at the end of the game. We’ve got to do a better job with trying to put teams away.”

(On giving up three point shots again tonight)
“Our defense is predicated on protecting the paint, forcing teams to kick the ball out, and contest threes. If they are hitting three pointers, sometimes it can be tough for us. I think with dribble penetration sometimes, it hurts us. We’re not stopping the ball screens and guys are getting open looks. The way that our defense is set up, we’re always going to protect the paint and make teams shoot contested threes. Tonight, they hit a few, and it hurt us.”