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Postgame Quotes: Suns at Rockets - March 14, 2011

Alvin Gentry

Vince Carter

Josh Childress

Aaron Brooks

Rick Adelman

Chuck Hayes

Kevin Martin

Chase Budinger

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Suns Head Coach Alvin Gentry

(On his team’s play and comeback)
“It really didn’t come down to that last shot. When you have a bad approach to start the game, that’s where it starts from. We dug a hole and had to dig too far and couldn’t get out. We can’t let it come down to a last second shot. We have to make shots and execute. I was disappointed with how we executed.”

(On the Rockets)
“Houston is playing desperate as they still have a chance for the playoffs.”

(On Chuck Hayes career high in points)
“Tell him to join the club. That happens to us a lot. We have to do a better job of keeping him off the boards. He does the dirty stuff and Houston likes what he brings to the table.”


Suns guard Vince Carter

“It’s too bad we didn’t’ play the first half with a sense of urgency. We have to come out and play hard and in the second half we did a better job. It’s disappointing with how we played as a team.”

(On Chuck Hayes’ play)
“He is relentless and attacks the boards all game long. He puts his body on people and he always seems to get a hand on the ball. He had a good game.”


Suns forward Josh Childress

(On his opportunity)
“I fee good to get the opportunity and I know I’m out there because guys are hurt. I was excited to be able to play. My conditioning was a little off and it was tough.

(On the game)
“We laid it on the line. We picked up the tempo in the second half. My three felt good. It’s all mental with shooting and hopefully this will get me started.”


Suns guard Aaron Brooks

(On returning to play in Houston)
“That’s out of the way after we already had the game in Phoenix. I’m glad the Houston game is over. I had a bad game and now I’ll move on. I’ll always love the fans here. I just didn’t play too great tonight.”


Rockets Head Coach Rick Adelman

“It was just a win we had to have. Fortunately at the end, he (Jared Dudley) missed a good look at it. Our guys hung in there. We gotta get a win where we can get it.”

(On the Suns)
“They played really well and they had guys step up. The young guard (Zabian Dowdell) came up and made shots. If people make shots in this league, it makes it really tough and the two guys that made the 3's were the two guys who brought them (Suns) back and they were the two guys that haven't made a 3 all year long. We did what we had to do and sometimes in this league guys make shots. I thought we turned it over way too many times. We didn't make very good decisions. We missed some free throws and some point blank layups and all that opens the door. That team is fighting for their lives just like we are. So, however you can get it I'll take it.”


Rockets center Chuck Hayes

(On his career-high 21 points)
“I was able to get open on the baseline. My teammates found me and I was able to finish around the rim and make the shots.”

(On the free throws at the end)
“To be honest with you, all four of them, the last four that I shot, they all felt good. By me hitting the first two, going to the free throw line I felt fine inside. Then, after I missed my first two I went to the free throw line again and found myself doing the same routine and one of them went down for us.”


Rockets guard Kevin Martin

(On the playoff atmosphere tonight)
“The intensity picked up in the San Antonio game which was a very tight game and also tonight, it came down to the wire. The ball bounced our way tonight.”

(On other guys getting to play with Luis Scola injured)
“Patrick (Patterson) has a chance and Jordan Hill has a chance and with Adelman and the way that the system is, all you try to do is keep on moving and flowing and you're going to produce. Jordan did a great job tonight for us coming in off the bench with 8 rebounds and scored points.”


Rockets forward Chase Budinger

(On the Rockets allowing Phoenix to come back)
“We just weren't knocking down shots toward the end of the game and we were missing free throws. We were missing layups and we just weren't making shots and we can't let that affect us on the defensive end. They (Suns) started roaring back and making their shots and the biggest key for us is to just stay composed.”

(On what was going through his mind when Jared Dudley released that last second 3-point shot)
“I was just hoping it wasn't going in. That was a long, one-two seconds, that the ball was in the air. I'm just glad it didn't go in.”