Postgame Quotes: Suns at Warriors - Feb. 20, 2013

Lindsey Hunter

Suns Guard Jared Dudley

Suns Center Jermaine O'Neal

Mark Jackson

Stephen Curry

Klay Thompson

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Suns Head Coach Lindsey Hunter

(On comeback effort)
“I think it was a combination of both. When you’re playing uphill you almost have to play perfect to come out with a win on the road against a good team. We were far from perfect. We fought at times and then there were times when we resorted back to not doing the things that we want to do. And against good teams you can’t afford to do that. Steph Curry made some unbelievable shots in crunch time. We fought back for the most part, but like I said, you have to play a perfect game almost to come out with a win in that situation.”

(On defensive effort)
“Well there are certain plays when a guy drives down the lane and kicks out and there’s nobody that made a single effort to go challenge that shot; that’s monumental to us. Those types of things we can’t let happen. We’ll continue to coach through it, we’ll continue to drill it until it’s who we are.”

(On shot selection)
“If they are open shots then you don’t mind guys taking them; if you’re open, take it. But you still can’t afford to get into a game where you’re trying to out-shoot the number one three-point-shooting team in the NBA, that’s tough.”

(On Jermaine O'Neal)
“He’s been great. I thought he got a little tired tonight but he’s been giving us everything he can and I commend him on that.”

(On Goran Dragic)
“He’s playing well. He’s been playing really well. He’s been aggressive. Two nights in a row, he’s had two of the toughest guards in the West and he went toe-to-toe with both of them. But that’s what it’s going to take and it’s going to take a collective effort from all of us.”

(On team improvement)
“When you keep playing games and there’s no practice in between you kind of resort back to the comfort level. Being good is hard and being good is uncomfortable. So we’re going to work hard and stay uncomfortable until we get to a certain point.”


Suns Guard Jared Dudley

(On finding their identity)
“We’re trying to get there. We’re trying to work on our consistency and finding our identity. We battled all night. We came back in the third quarter and cut it to two. They made a lot of good plays. They have basically two All-Stars on their team with [David] Lee and [Stephen] Curry. Curry made a lot of big plays and the good thing about Lee is he’s one of the most unselfish power forwards in the game. When he gets in the lane he’s able to find their three-point shooters. They made a lot of good plays tonight and that’s why they’re a playoff team and we’re not right now.”

(On teaching the winning mentality)
“We have nine new guys and we’re trying to teach them about the winning mentality. They came here before our success. We just have to show some of the new guys what to do. It takes time. We’ve already made one trade and through free agency and the draft you’ll start to see our new identity forming soon.”


Suns Center Jermaine O'Neal

(On tonight’s loss)
“It was a mixture of us missing some shots and not executing a couple of plays. They’re a well coached team and they play very well with each other. If you do make mistakes, nine times out of ten they’re going to make you pay.”

(On the state of the team)
“We’re trying to create a mentality here. We’re trying to learn how to be a good team. That fight to keep coming back is what you want. The next step is how do you get over the hump and that’s what we’re learning as a team now and once we learn that, I think we’ll be a pretty good team. That’s kind of been our thing all year. We’ve fallen behind early and fought back to take the lead and then we allow teams to pull away late in the fourth quarter. It’s a good character trait to have to be able to fight back, but really it’s no consolation. This league is about wins and losses. Hopefully, when we lose, we can understand how we lost and then try and correct that.”


Warriors Head Coach Mark Jackson

(On tonight’s win)
“It’s a big time relief. I talked about it being the biggest game of the season for us and I loved the way my guys came out and sent the message to say that’s exactly what it was. It was important for me, I had my daughter and my sister fly in – we needed reinforcements. Just a big time win for my guys, I’m extremely proud of them. Now the task is to continue it. Turn one win into two wins and continue to get back to where we once were and who we truly are.”

(On if he told his team this was the biggest game of the year)
“Absolutely. I’m not going to pull any punches. I’m going to hold them accountable and I will demand this type of play from them. I believe in this team, individually and collectively. I talked about it – we’re not going to panic. It’s a young basketball team that has a lot of fight in them. I loved the way they responded. That’s a Phoenix team that’s playing much harder, Lindsey Hunter is doing an outstanding job, and they had a big win in Portland last night. They were well prepared, but this is a game we should have won and we did win. I liked the fashion in which we did it.”

(On what he told his team late in the 4th quarter)
“I thought my guys were a little tired. They put forth a lot of energy on both sides of the ball – you can forget how to win it’s been so long. I just want to remind them that we needed to execute and we had to pay attention to details and bring this thing home. I thought it was the right time to stop, gather and to reinforce the message.”

(On if he felt his team played better overall)
“There is no question we played differently. Tonight we gave up 98 points. We defended, we got after it, we executed, we made plays and I thought we had some special individual performances. This is who we are.”

(On Andrew Bogut)
“I thought he responded very well. Make may no mistake about it, he didn’t play up to par last night – he owned it. The big time players bounce back. A live body that wasn’t feeling well earlier and he didn’t make any excuses and he came prepared and fought through a body that was probably telling him take a night off. He rebounded the basketball, had some big blocked shots and made some big plays on the offensive end.”


Warriors Guard Stephen Curry

(On responding to Mark Jackson’s pregame comments)
“I think we played close to a 40-minute game. Of course they made runs to try and get back in the game but we answered every run they had. At the end of the game with six minutes when you have a decent lead at home you have to get stops and rebound to keep that and not coast but foul-to-finish at the end of the game.”

(On Andrew Bogut)
“He played great. He’s trying to find his rhythm in the post and that’s an area he’d like to attack, but he’s blocking shots and rebounding. The way he’s shooting the ball and having beautiful assists, cutting to the basket and the chemistry between him and David (Lee) as well, he’s a good outlet to have.”


Warriors Guard Klay Thompson

(On Bobblehead Night)
“I was very inspired by it. It’s crazy to think I have a bobblehead now; it was kind of a pinch-yourself moment. I used to collect bobbleheads—especially baseball ones—as a kid, so it’s pretty cool.”

(On head coach Mark Jackson calling the game the biggest of the season)
“We needed it bad. I mean, we have a tough schedule ahead of us going on a seven-day road trip, so these are the ones we need to have. We needed this one bad.”