Lindsey Hunter

Suns Forward Goran Dragic

Keith Smart

Tyreke Evans

Demarcus Cousins

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Head Coach Lindsey Hunter

(On tonight’s game)

“Not one of our best defensive efforts, gave up far too many points. Points in the paint, kick out three’s, really had a tough time adjusting rotation-wise. Kind of back to where we started from defensively. Trying to build our foundation. We just can’t afford to give up that many points. We’re short handed. Our bigs are low (Marcin Gortat, Jermaine O’Neal, Channing Frye were out). I thought that the bigs that played did a great job. We scored more than enough points but defensively it was really far from what we’re trying to become.”

(On Kings guards)

“I think it was a combination, I think with them posting so deep and being able to pass the ball out of double-teams, it created opportunities for those guys and we didn’t do a good job closing out. We didn’t run them off the line. A lot of time we were totally oblivious to where they were so those are things we got to clean up.”

(On defense changing without Gortat)

“Definitely with Gortat and Jermaine O’Neal out, those two guys were our anchors and they really supported us down low defensively. But we can’t sit here and talk about what we don’t have. One of our favorite phrases to say is “no excuses”. If a guy is not there then the next guy needs to step up and that’s part of it. So we’ll get back to the drawing board and fix these things.”


Suns Forward Goran Dragic

(On lineup on the floor)

“It feels like every game there’s a new lineup. I think it was pretty good especially offensively but defensively we still have to work on it. Like I said the rotation was too slow. Even if you get there the guys were penetrating to the middle and when they get to the middle, it’s easy to make a pass or score.”

(On Winning streak)

“We played well. We won three games in a row. Then I would say those four or five days without a game, maybe we were thinking we were a good team, something like that. Toronto then killed us. They played really well against us.”


Kings Head Coach Keith Smart

(On Tyreke Evans, DeMarcus Cousins and Marcus Thornton’s shooting tonight)

“These guys have abilities and when they play at a nice level, depending on the opponent, they can do these types of things. We had a big size advantage, so that was a big plus for us. Tyreke made some plays, but he also made some turnovers where he wasn’t sure which kind of pass he needed to get the ball into the post. These guys were making their shots and they weren’t over-dribbling. We had 30 assists tonight because guys were moving the ball. When we didn’t do that, it got us in trouble. This group is a unique team that is very capable playing at high levels against every team in the NBA, and they have a chance to beat every team in the NBA. Then there are nights where they don’t share the ball. This has to be something that they grow at and it has to become part of every game. That’s how you become a pretty special basketball team.”

(On Marcus Thornton)

“There was a game that we had down in Indiana early in the year where he made some big three’s. It was a game where we were probably down around nine points and he got us back into it with a couple of buckets that he made. We ended up going into overtime. He has that ability to do those things when he makes those shots. The key component to that is not when he’s dribbling to create that opportunity, but when someone makes a play for him to have a wide-open shot. That’s what happened on a couple of those plays tonight. The ability is there.”


Kings Guard Tyreke Evans

(On how far along his shot has come from last year)

“I just try to shoot the same every time. I’ve been in the gym working hard and it’s been paying off and now I’ve just got to keep shooting like that the same way.”

(On his shooting percentage improving after his fall)

“Just wanted to try to contest the shot and I got a block. So it kind of got me going a little bit, knocked down open shots and that was good for us.”

(When asked what hurt the most from his fall)

“My side and then my elbow was in pain bad but you’ve just got to play through it. We needed a win tonight and I think we did a good job as a team.”

(When asked how much confidence he had with his shot tonight)

“A lot – just trying to shoot it without thinking. If it goes in, it goes in. They leave me open so I’ve got to knock it down and that’s what I did tonight.”


Kings Center Demarcus Cousins

(On if this win puts away the memory of the last two games)

“Not really – you have bad games, you have bad nights. Sometimes you have to stretch them, sometimes it’s one night but just bouncing back from them is the biggest thing. I felt like I did that tonight.”

(On how good it feels to have so many players performing so well together)

“It felt good. We got out, shared the ball, knocked down shots tonight. Tyreke (Evans) did an incredible job tonight of knocking down shots; Marcus (Thornton) of course he’s been playing well lately. Just a great team effort tonight.”

(On the box score)

“I’m happy for the win. I don’t care about the stats – I’m just happy about the win.”

(On Tyreke’s shot after his fall)

“He needs to hurt his elbow a lot more. Like I said, he did an incredible job of knocking down that jumper tonight. That helped us out.”