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VOTE NOW for the Gorilla as the "Most Awesome Mascot"

The Gorilla was nominated for the Cartoon Network's "Most Awesome Mascot."
(Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Updated: Feb. 16, 2011

Cartoon Network has announced their nominees for the inaugural “Hall of Game” Awards, hosted by Tony Hawk.

The Phoenix Suns’ Gorilla is one of four mascots nominated for the title, “Most Awesome Mascot.”

The Gorilla is pitted against Bango from the Milwaukee Bucks, T-Rac of the Tennessee Titans, and the Philadelphia Phillies’ Phillie Phanatic.

Suns Fans are encouraged to log on to and vote The Gorilla for the “Most Awesome Mascot.”

Voting ends this Sunday and the winner will be announced during the “Hall of Game” Awards on Friday, February 25 at 7 p.m. (ET/PT) on Cartoon Network.

Other awards being presented are “He’s Got Game,” the award for best male athlete; “She Got Game,” for best female athlete; “That’s How I Roll,” given to the most stylish athlete; “Alti-dude,” awarded to an alternative sports athlete; “Dance Machine,” the award for best celebratory dance; and “My Bad,” given to the best sports blooper.

CLICK HERE to vote for the Gorilla!