Suns Look Reimagined Onto Soccer Kits

Designed by Alexandre De Sève
by Matt Petersen

The Phoenix Suns have a unique history with fútbol. Team owner Robert Sarver and Ring of Honor member Steve Nash recently bought Spanish soccer team Real Mallorca. The sport also defined much of what made Nash great in his NBA days. Vision, balance and craftiness, much of it derived from playing soccer in his youth, was all evident in the two-time MVP's career.

Nash's skills directly affected the 2005 Slam Dunk Contest, when Nash headed a ball to former All-Star forward Amar'e Stoudemire for a reverse alley-oop jam. It happened again this season, when he kicked a lob to Detroit big man Andre Drummond.

Now, courtesy of designer Alexandre De Séve, Phoenix can see its basketball team as it would look on a pitch. The Suns brand and colors were used to create a hypothetical soccer kit, from the bird logo on the chest all the way down to the purple cleats with orange laces. 

The road purple uniform comes with 16 horizontal orange stripes, starting just below the chest and ending at the bottom of the shirt. The shorts take the opposite color scheme: all orange, except for the purple number and athletic logo on the respective ends of the legs.

The home white kit takes a minimalist approach to color. Seven orange stripes take the familiar upward path from the player's right side to his left shoulder. The logos and number on the shirt and shorts are orange, but the borders of the shirt are purple.

Both kits sport the familiar bird logo, as well as purple socks with the orange rendering of "Phoenix" toward the top.

It's worth noting that De Séve, who designed kits for every NBA team, chose an iconic jersey number for each set of uniforms. In the Suns' case, that was Nash's now-enshrined No. 13.