What the Utah Jazz had to say about 100-96 win over the Pelicans (4/4/14)

Utah Coach Tyrone Corbin
On the win
“Well, we won the game. I thought the guys, for a stretch, executed the offense really well. I thought we were better defensively tonight. We made a few turnovers. We have to continue to get better there.”

On the effort tonight
“We talked about being able to finish games, and we still have to have the energy to have a chance to compete. It’s been a long year for these guys. They have been through a lot and we just have to make sure we stay on the same page right now. We are who we are, and we need to have everybody focus on what we need to do to be successful, and that we are finish strong, (and) that we aren’t just out there to get the games over. We need to make sure we continue to develop.”

On having the past few days off
“It was good for us to get focus back, to go through some things on the defensive end in practice and get our minds right, and to set some goals to finish the season up. The guys responded pretty well tonight, and we are going to need them to finish up the season.”

Jazz Center Derrick Favors
On his third quarter
“We just wanted to come out with a lot of energy, myself included. I played like crap in the first half. I owed it to my teammates to come out and play with effort and play as a team and get this win.”

On playing around the basket without Anthony Davis in the game
“We just had to make some adjustments on the offense because there was more room in the post. We needed to do some things, have people move around instead of just standing still, so it was a big help for us.”

On the Pelicans making a run to cut the lead
“I thought ‘man, it’s going to be a game now.’ So we just had to come back in and try and finish them off.”

On how important rest was this week
“It was important. We had to get our bodies right. Get our minds right. Man, (we have to) try to finish this season off, man. We’ve got six games left after tonight.”

Jazz Forward Jeremy Evans
On getting a rest the past few days
“I think it was very important. We are rested and we are able see what mistakes we made on defense, and we were able to work on those (issues).”

On playing more minutes this season
“It always feels great to get minutes. (It) not only builds confidence in your game but also confidence that the coach will play you. That you can get out there and help your team.”

Jazz Guard Gordon Hayward
On the game tonight
“It was pretty good execution offensively for the most part, still too many turnovers. But I thought we came out well in the second in half and built up a lead. And even though they hit a couple threes there down the stretch, we were able to hold them off and fight them off because we had that lead.”

On playing hard down the stretch
“Regardless of the fact that we aren’t in the playoffs, there is still lots to play for. There is pride on the line and we need to get better. So we still have a lot to play for.”