What the Pelicans had to say about 103-101 win over the Pistons (1/24/14)

Pelicans Coach Monty Williams
On the game
"Obviously, our third quarter is one of the worst third quarters we have had. We just came out with a lackluster effort and they kind of put it to us. The NBA is a game where there is only so long that you can come back and the 3-point ball kind of allows you to do that. But I thought we got a number of stops in the fourth quarter that allowed us to get out and run a little bit and our execution, for once, was pretty good in the fourth quarter."

On Eric Gordon’s winning shot
"There are times that you out-trick yourself sometimes by trying to run a squeeze play or some kind of action to get an open look, but Eric (Gordon) has been in that situation for us before and came through."

On the third quarter
"I thought we could have got it to seven, but I thought A.D. (Anthony Davis) got fouled on the follow up. His arm was back. It was not back there because he was holding it there but I thought the way that we played into the fourth kind of helped us."

Pelicans guard Eric Gordon
On the game-winning shot
"He (Kentavious Caldwell-Pope) was a very aggressive defender and he was trying to pressure me up front, so I just went into him to see if he was going to be aggressive, which he was and I was able to spin off of him, and I had a good clear lane for the lay-up."

On the game
"It was an ugly game for sure. It's good that we came back and won. It was just good experience to get a win like this. With a young group, we just have to try and build off of this win tonight."

Pelicans guard Austin Rivers
On the game
"This was a big win for us. It's just a testament to not giving up. They went up pretty big and we just kept fighting. People call us young, but we fight and when you do that, you give yourself a chance. That's what we did; everybody had an impact, everybody down the line. We have to build on this win."

On Eric Gordon's game-winning shot
"That's just our trust in Eric. He wasn't having his best night at all, but he's Eric and we trust him. That's what he does; that's what he gets paid to do and he does it well. When that game's on the line and Eric has the ball, we feel we have a great chance at winning. He went out there and made a big shot for us."