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By: Jim Eichenhofer,
December 1, 2010

Prior to Wednesdays game against Charlotte, caught up with Bobcats guard and New Orleans native, D.J. Augustin.

The six-foot guard prepped at Brother Martin High School, where he led the Crusaders to back-to-back state championships in the states largest class. He played for Brother Martin for three years, before having to relocate to Houston because of Hurricane Katrina during his senior year. In his two years at the University of Texas, Augustin was a consensus All-American as a sophomore, where he was awarded the Bob Cousy Award as the nations top point guard in 2008. How many extra tickets did you have to scrounge up for tonights game for family and friends here in the city?
Augustin: I was able to get 20 extra tickets on top of what I normally get, but fortunately a lot of my family and friends bought their tickets ahead of time. They know I dont like dealing with the whole ticket situation and took care of it ahead of time, so Im expecting a pretty good crowd for me tonight. Can you hear people in the stands when youre playing, especially when you know youre going to have a lot of people rooting for you tonight?
Augustin: Sometimes you can, but the Hornets are the home team and they are going to cheer louder for them. But Ill see them, and I know where they are so its all good. Why do you think you play so well in the New Orleans Arena?
Augustin: I just love being home and playing against the best point guard in the league in Chris Paul. I feel comfortable here and thats when I know Im playing my best. How has the transition been from being a backup to a starter?
Augustin: Its different because you have to be ready to go from the beginning. When youre coming off the bench, you have time to watch the game and pick up the flow there. When you start in this position, its on you to get the team going early. What is it like playing for legendary coach Larry Brown?
Augustin: Hes a tough coach, and hes definitely tough on all of us, but its because he wants us to be great and be the best we can be. For me, he believes that the point guard should be an extension of the coach on the court, so Ive been working on being that for the team. Were you a Saints fan growing up, and are you currently one today?
Augustin: Oh definitely. I used to come to games with my grandfather when I was younger because he was a season ticket holder. I still rep the Saints to this day. Do you get to spend a lot of time here in the summer?
Augustin: Well I have a basketball camp that I hold every year in August for two weeks, and thats really the only time I get to come in really. My summers have been pretty busy and I havent had as much time to come back as Id like. With the Hornets being in New Orleans since before you went to college, were you a fan of them as well, and did it seem like getting to the NBA was an attainable goal seeing it up close?
Augustin: I used to go to Hornets games when I was in high school, but growing up I always had the dream of playing the NBA. Seeing it in person definitely helped me understand what that atmosphere was like, and I just did everything I could to get where I am now and Im definitely blessed that Ive made it this far and I am where I am right now.

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