Marks awaits rehabilitation after shoulder surgery

Thursday, March 25, 2010
By: Jim Eichenhofer,

It’s exceptionally easy to understand why this has been perhaps the most frustrating year of Sean Marks’ pro career. After waiting eight NBA seasons to finally get an extended chance to contribute to a team, Marks did so in 2008-09 for the Hornets, but injuries limited the 6-foot-10 reserve to only 14 games this season. Marks tried unsuccessfully to play through a right shoulder injury, but on March 16 he underwent season-ending surgery at Tulane University.

“We tried everything from cortisone shots to regular physio treatment, but nothing worked (long-term),” said Marks, who will be wearing a shoulder sling for the next three weeks. “Sometimes I would get temporary relief from the shots, but it didn’t last. We exhausted all of our options. Surgery was the last (option).”

MRI exams on Marks found two tears in his labrum and a small tear in the rotator cuff. For the next few weeks, Marks will experience discomfort from the fact that he must sleep sitting up, to avoid any weight or pressure being placed on his surgically-repaired shoulder.

“I knew something was wrong, because no matter how good I would feel, I would go out and shoot 20 or 30 jumpers, and later it was aching and throbbing, and I couldn’t even lift my arm,” Marks said. “I had no strength.

“(Being able to play basketball) is probably about three to four months away for me right now. After the next three weeks, I will start rehabbing it. It was a bummer, but the fact that they went in and fixed it was great. I got some answers to it and what was wrong.”

Marks will spend the remainder of 2009-10 in New Orleans with the club, rooting for his teammates from the sideline.

“The season is not over,” he said prior to Wednesday’s game vs. Cleveland. “We still have 10 games left and I still have a job to do, to be a part of the team. As little as that may be, it’s still a situation where I am here to cheer on the guys.”