Shell and Pelicans Host Reading Rally

Shell Reading Rally

December 2, 2013

Shell Oil partnered with the New Orleans Pelicans to host a new literacy program for over 650 students from Orleans Parish Public Schools on Monday, Dec. 2. The Pelicans Reading Rally presented by Shell paired literacy-focused activities and the game of basketball to ignite the students’ interest in reading.

Each student entered the Saints Indoor Practice Facility dancing and cheering to pop music. They participated in a variety of interactive games and chose a book to put in their home libraries before leaving the event.

Julie Borsch, Community Affairs Manager for the Pelicans, said that this program will encourage reading amongst the students.

“Following the reading rally, students will each have the opportunity to select a book from a variety of reading levels and add it to their home library,” said Borsch. “We hope they enjoyed being here today and walk away knowing how important reading will be to their future. It’s important to us, and to Shell, that when school’s out, the learning and reading continue at home.”

Qi Wiggins, Communications Representative for Shell, said that the event’s goal is to ignite excitement and passion about reading and to show the students how important reading is for a bright future.

“Unfortunately, the literacy rates of New Orleans and of Louisiana overall are significantly lower than the rest of the nation. In order to grow our initiatives, we have to tackle literacy first,” said Wiggins. “This event allows kids to find entertainment in reading. Once you have a love of reading, then you have a love to learn. And these kids will then go on to love furthering their educations.”

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