Andre Miller welcomes reunion with Andre Iguodala

Veteran point guard says trade for All-Star was a good move by Nuggets
by Aaron Lopez

During his two-plus seasons in Philadelphia, point guard Andre Miller marveled at the versatility of his young 76ers teammate Andre Iguodala.

In addition to averaging nearly 20 points per game, Iguodala could do it all - defend, run, rebound and create shots for others.

Four years later, not much has changed other than Iguodala’s age, resume and mailing address. Thanks to the twists and turns of the NBA, he and Miller will run the floor together again as members of the Denver Nuggets.

The reunion became reality on Aug. 10 when the Nuggets acquired Iguodala from the Sixers as part of a four-team, 12-player trade that sent Arron Afflalo and Al Harrington to the Orlando Magic.

“I was surprised,” Miller said after a workout at Pepsi Center this week. “He brings a lot to the table, being able to guard multiple positions, being able to rebound and to pass. He has a good all-around game, so it was a good pickup.”

Miller first played with Iguodala after being sent from Denver to Philadelphia as part of the Allen Iverson trade in December 2006. One of Miller’s favorite Sixers memories was watching Iguodala hit a 25-foot jumper at the buzzer to beat the Los Angeles Lakers on March 17, 2009.

“It was probably my first win in L.A.,” Miller said. “It was tough to beat the Lakers on their home court. He also hit a big shot in the playoffs against Orlando. I enjoyed my time in Philly with him.”

Miller, who left Philadelphia as a free agent after the 2008-09 season, said it was tough to see fellow veterans Afflalo and Harrington go to Orlando, but he thinks Denver will be better defensively with Iguodala.

“You bring Iguodala in, and he brings more length to go with (Danilo) Gallinari and JaVale (McGee),” Miller said. “That’s a lot of length out there. It’s a bigger team with Wilson (Chandler) getting healthy and Jordan (Hamilton) getting in the mix, along with Corey brewer, too. We have a lot of interchangeable guys who can play a lot of positions.”

Miller has not talked to Iguodala since the big trade, but he followed his gold-medal run with Team USA at the London Olympics. From afar, he saw the maturation of the talented young player who was starting to blossom during their time in Philadelphia.

“The main thing is confidence,” Miller said “There was a lot put on his shoulders early in his career. He’s always been a player that’s about the team, not really worried about having to score the ball but doing multiple things. He’s been criticized in Philadelphia for doing that, but I think he brings a lot to the table that goes unnoticed sometimes.”

It’s safe to say that when Iguodala is on the court with Miller, he won’t get overlooked.