Faried’s First Time in Spain

The Manimal travels overseas to represent the Nuggets in NBA 3X
by Emily Wade

It’s Kenneth Faried’s first time in Spain, and he’s really impressed. Representing the Nuggets in NBA 3X, which brings the NBA experience to Spain, Faried will make appearances and host basketball clinics.

Faried didn’t think that people in Spain would know who he was, but when he arrived, he was pleasantly surprised that they knew him as The Manimal.

“[The fans] are very heartwarming and welcoming. They’re excited to see me, which was in itself amazing,” Faried said. He has been flooded with tweets and Instagram comments about how happy the fans are that he’s in Spain.

On his first day, he took a trip around the city of Leon. “[It was interesting] to see how Leon has been changed, basically corrupted, by the whole industrial industry,” he said. Faried thought it was a pretty amazing city because despite the changes. “They still have their old values. They still have old architecture."

Today, he coached a basketball clinic for kids of all ages that included a skills challenge: passing, shooting, dribbling, lay-ups, and defense. With the help of a translator, it’s just like when he hosts his own camps in the States.

“When it comes to basketball, everybody is able to just watch. And when you watch and show somebody how to do something, it makes it easier for them to imitate you,” Faried said.

Faried also had a shout-out for Nuggets Nation:

“What’s up everybody? How y’all doing? I’m out here in Spain representing the Nuggets very well, and hopefully I can come back out here in August and represent the Nuggets and the U.S. for a bigger cause and we’ll bring home the world championship.”