Cohen: Pets Ready For Action

By Josh Cohen

ORLANDO -- Please stand and cheer for your Orlando Magic All-Star companions!!!

At forward, standing at 24 inches and weighing in at 75 pounds, Timmy, the very clever and resourceful Golden Retriever!!!

Also at forward, sporting the longest tail feathers in the league and dressed in everyone’s favorite exotic colors, Mr. Weatherman, the loquacious and melodious parakeet!!!

He may be a bit speed-challenged, but don’t let its plumpness deceive you, he’s furry, vivacious and loves to play on the bedding surface. He’s the one and only Dexter, the seemingly always-hungry (for victory…or food) guinea pig!!!!

His teammate in the backcourt and one of the most flexible creatures on the planet, the meowing, purring, trilling and hissing Cottonball, your pasty but passionate kitty cat!!!!

And finally, at center, he’s one of the strongest, most governing rulers to roam the park. He’s Ace, the protecting and loyal German Shepherd!!!

Okay, although I don't actually own any pets and maybe I have watched too many Air Bud flicks through the years, it would still be awesome if we could all train our indoor creatures to compete in basketball games.

While this aspiration is a tad impractical, there are some extremely skilled pets that can handle the rock in one way or another.


But even if your endearing companion is somewhat athletically challenged, that doesn’t mean it can’t represent its favorite teams.

When you take your dog (or any other pet) out for a walk, dress him or her up a little. In the photo to the top right, you can see a perfect example.

That’s Gigi, a Poodle and Japanese Chin mix and the adorable companion of Full Sail University Course Director Kristy Cannon Key.

While we hope that if you decide to shimmer your pet up with sports gear you choose blue and white colors, it would be hilarious no matter what teams he or she represents.

Other possible ideas include decorating the inside of your fish tank with sports-related props or painting your hamster or bird cages with team colors.

As a result, I offer an opportunity for you all to send in photos of your pets wearing some kind of sports team attire. Be as creative and innovative as you desire.

After I receive your images, we will select the best, most ingenious ones and create a photo gallery here on of your pets dressed up and ready to take the court (or field or ice).

Feel free to also send in any YouTube video links of your pets either performing a sports-oriented talent or dressed up at an occasion.

Email all photos and/or video to Please put your pet's name and what breed it is in the email.

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