Cohen 8-Ball: Timeline to Title


Josh Cohen's Analysis: While it’s never an exact science, the foremost interest of every fan of any professional sports team ties to how and when a championship will be won.

Obviously, it’s impractical to insinuate there is only way to capture a title. If that were the case, there wouldn’t be much to speculate or debate.

In some instances like it presently is in Miami, it’s all about having salary cap space at the right time. In other examples it’s about landing the next big star in the draft. Chicago didn’t win six titles in the 90’s because it has delicious pizza. It was so successful because it secured one of the best players ever with a high draft pick years earlier.

In the interest of the Orlando Magic, there has already been a very transparent pathway created to build a championship contender. By clearing cap space, acquiring a plethora of impressive young players and with high draft selections on the horizon, the opportunity is there for Orlando to conquer this renovation and evolve into a title contender rather rapidly.

CLICK NEXT for a timeline that details what the process may look like as the Magic continue on this voyage back to championship potential.

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