BE Magic Reflects Teams Championship Mentality

"BE Magic" Reflects Team's Championship Mentality

By Dan Savage
August 18, 2009

ORLANDO -- The Orlando Magic's players aren’t the only ones gearing up for another NBA Finals run.

The organization's marketing team is also hard at work at delivering another championship caliber product for this upcoming season.

On Sunday, they took their first step at reaching that goal when they officially announced the 2009-10 marketing campaign theme entitled "BE Magic."

Designed to be more than just an advertising theme, "BE Magic" was created to also be a directive for the entire organization, their fans and the community to rally behind championship ideals and apply them to everything they do.

"'BE Magic' has a lot of meanings and I think that’s why we chose it," said Orlando Magic Director of Marketing Stephanie Mellenberndt. "We wanted something that fit, not just for the team, but for the fans, the community and the organization."

While the on-the-court message reflects the team’s championship mentality and commitment to maximum effort and unselfish play, off the court, it takes on the definition of the Magic's dedication to meaningful community involvement and responsibility to act as positive role models.

For the fans, the "BE Magic" movement not only means being the home court advantage and cheering enthusiastically during every play, but also displaying their support for the team outside of Amway Arena and aiding the Magic in their commitment to volunteer throughout the local community.

In the end, the organization hopes that being Magic becomes synonymous with being champions.

"It's about being champions," Mellenberndt explained. "That's what our eyes are on; we want to be champions."

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