Afflalo Takes Over Magic's Twitter to Answer Fan Questions

Arron Afflalo

By Dan Savage
November 14, 2012

ORLANDO --The Orlando Magic capped off an exciting Social Media Night on Tuesday by having Arrron Afflalo take over their Twitter feed.

The team’s shooting guard answered a number of fan questions, ranging from his long-term plans in Orlando to his favorite pregame meal.

Take a look at Afflalo’s full Q&A with Magic fans:

Question: Biggest change from playing in Denver to playing in Orlando? - @AndrewClarke112

Question: How do you like Orlando so far? - @MAGIC12CHAMPS

Question: What do you think about Nicholson? Superstar in the making or what? - @reeoxx

Question: What did you think of the Rooks tonight? - @RSmithlaxhoops

Question: How is the dynamic of you and @jjredick on the floor together for both of you? - @Chris_Healey24

Question: What's your favorite pregame meal? - @BEEFRICCI

Question: U think u have a future with Orlando? - @zaza470

Question: What can the team learn from this loss - @airbender106

Question: Do you think we are a legit contender for a 7th or 8th seed in the Playoffs? - @jtaylorrr

Question: What is the biggest improvement you want to make in your game over the course of the season? - @dannyjnicks