Oladipo was a surprise No. 2 pick in the June NBA Draft by some, but he quickly proved his enormous promise to the Magic with some stellar summer league play. A shooting guard at Indiana University while becoming an All-American, Oladipo will play point guard and on the wing for the Magic. With his size, cat-quick defensive skills and unmatched work ethic, the Magic are confident that he can make the position switch and become a standout player in several areas.

``You look at players and you look at the game, but we try to look at it a little differently. We try to look at players who we feel can fit the style that we want to play,’’ Hennigan said. ``It’s not as much about allocating a concrete position as it is identifying what are the areas of the game that Player X can impact. We’re trying to find players who can impact a lot of areas at the same time regardless of what position they are playing.’’