Walking the fine line of knowing when to get others involved and when to look for their own shot has troubled some of the best point guards in the history of the NBA, and Oladipo has been no different. Against Boston, the ball pressure from Bradley and Courtney Lee gave him fits and kept him from getting to the rim. Against the Hawks, Oladipo got into the lane several times, but he had trouble finishing over power forwards Al Horford and Paul Millsap.

Figuring out ways to thrive as a point guard is a daily learning process, Oladipo stressed, and one that he’ll be better for having gone through. On a Magic team full of first- and second-year players, Oladipo has been advised to try and keep his emotions in check while enduring the NBA’s marathon season.

``It’s a learning process and I’m taking it a day and a time and continuing to work on it,’’ he said. ``The guys have said that (there will be ups and downs) from the jump, so I’m just keeping an even keel throughout the whole thing.’’



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