Lamb Also Getting Better

Lamb, who was acquired last February along with Tobias Harris in a trade with Milwaukee, was one of the Magic’s most dedicated workers over the summer. Lamb dropped almost 20 pounds and vastly improved his conditioning so that he would be in prime position to assume a spot in the rotation. However, he severely sprained his right ankle in the third practice of training camp and missed the entire preseason.

Like Davis, Lamb is back doing sprint and shooting work. He recently added cutting and ankle stability work, and he figures he’ll only need a practice or two before he’s ready to be full go again.

``My ankle is feeling way better. I’m waiting for them to clear me so that I can play,’’ said Lamb, who intrigues the Magic because of his elite 3-point shooting range. ``I’ve never had a sprain like this before. Everything happens for a reason, so I just keep rehabbing it and trying to get back. … It’s been really tough because I really want to go out there and help my teammates, but I really can’t right now. But my time will come.’’



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