Cohen's Analysis: If not for knee and back troubles, Ralph Sampson would have become a top 10-20 player in NBA history. If not for a broken foot in 1996, David Robinson wouldn’t have partnered with Tim Duncan to win two titles together.

A matchup of Texas twin towers, Ralph & Hakeem’s Rockets vs. David & Tim’s Spurs, would be riveting. Considering Houston’s big man duo was short-lived, it’s hard to project how many titles they could have claimed. Olajuwon eventually won two a decade later.

Since Robinson was just filler once Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili arrived, let’s exclusively compare San Antonio of 1999 (beat NY in Finals) and Houston of 1986 (lost to Boston in Finals). The wild card is Sean Elliot, one of the more underrated small forwards in league history.

Spurs in 6.

Stay tuned for more fantasy matchups throughout the summer.

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