Cohen's Analysis: The Utah Jazz, winners over the Magic on Sunday, are in a rather puzzling position. Both Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap, arguably the team’s best players, are in the final years of their contracts and will be free agents next summer.

And the Jazz are a fringe playoff contender. They are fantastic at home and extremely inconsistent on the road. At best, they can probably creep up to the No. 6 seed, but could also easily miss the playoffs entirely.

Do they deal Jefferson or Millsap or even both prior to February’s deadline?

Sources close to the Jazz say they believe considering the number of road games they have already played and with a plethora of contests at home remaining, they think they will be in the playoffs with their current roster. But they are debating whether it is more beneficial to be a one-and-out playoff team and risk losing Al and/or Paul for nothing in the summer or speed up a rebuild, probably miss out on the postseason, grab a higher draft pick and gather a superfluous of assets in deals involving their two dynamic big men.

It’s an ongoing conversation within the organization and in all likelihood; they will wait until the final minute to decide how to proceed.