#1 Paul George – It’s really astounding how quickly he became one of the best players in the game. And because he plays in a relatively smaller market and never was noticed in college (Fresno State) it’s easy to disregard him when evaluating MVP candidates. But George is the leader of a Pacers team that could be the favorites to knock out the Heat in the playoffs and win the NBA title.

#2 LeBron James – Dethroning the King won’t be easy, especially when he continues to play at such a high level. The bottom line is this; James and George’s statistics will be similar by season’s end (LeBron a little more impressive in each main category) and whichever team has a better record will deserve the MVP honor.

#3 Kevin Durant – The absence of Russell Westbrook until after the All-Star break will test Durant’s value to the Thunder and his ability to carry a team on his own back. We saw him struggle with that responsibility in the playoffs last season. Nonetheless, KD’s continued scoring eruption will keep him in the MVP discussion.




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