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Posted by Scott Anez, Thursday, July 26, 2012, 3:30 PM

What's The End Game?

I was on a Cleveland radio station a few days ago and the question came up: "What's the end game?"

In other words....Where will Dwight Howard end up for the coming season and beyond?

Answer: It is very possible that Dwight is back in a Magic uniform in just a few months.

Yes, the Dwightmare continues.

The latest in what has been a frustrating and fatiguing saga is that Magic G.M. Rob Hennigan is not ruling out the possibility of Dwight starting the coming season with the Magic. We’re hard that Hennigan will not deal Dwight if he does not like the offers that are out there.

Is Hennigan playing hardball? Does he truly believe there's a chance that Dwight will be here in October?

Yes and yes.

Do I believe that Dwight will be back in O-Town next season? No.

I have not spent a whole lotta time with our new G.M. as of yet. I hope to very soon. But, the one telltale about how the 30 year-old is going to operate this franchise is how he's handled this very prickly situation.

Despite his inexperience and youth, Hennigan has gone toe-to-toe, punch-for-punch with Dwight's shady agent, Dan Fegan, and he has outboxed him.

Hennigan did not cave into the trade demand to Brooklyn. He did not cave when Dwight apparently said he would accept a deal to the Lakers. Why? Because he did not like what he would be getting in return.

Now, if I were king, I would have pulled the trigger ASAP on the reported deal involving Houston. The Rockets, before welcoming both Jeremy Lin and Omer Asik via restricted free agency, were all-in. They were willing to take Dwight without a commitment for next season and beyond. The Rockets were also willing to take on some of the Magic's unfavorable contracts.

The Rockets have those three first-round picks from this year's draft. Plus, they sport a future lottery pick from the Raptors. And, to boot, the Rockets had Kevin Martin's contract, which expires after this season, to offer as well.

I would have done that deal in a heartbeat.

Not Rob Hennigan.

I believe Hennigan when he says that it is possible that Dwight starts the season in Orlando.

I also believe that there are other motives at work here. I think he is attempting to gin up a better deal for the best big in the game.

Listen, Hennigan knows that he still holds all the cards here.

Despite what Mr. Fegan says, I think Hennigan is banking on the fact that Dwight will not have the stomach to begin the season being tarred and feathered in City Beautiful. Does Dwight really want to risk damage to his world-wide brand when he is being vilified in his hometown each and every day.

Trust me, if Dwight stays, it's gonna happen.

I've chatted with tons of Magic fans over the last few months, and each and every one have told me that they are done with Dwight. They are fed up with his antics. They've had it up to here with the games and the lies.

They say that it's time to start over again and rebuild.

What is the end game?

Sure, as Rob Hennigan says, the possibility exists that Dwight starts 2012-13 in a Magic uniform.

But, I wouldn't bank on it.