Anez: One-on-One with Glen Davis

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Posted by Scott Anez, Thursday, October 4, 2012, 3:30 PM

One-on-One With Glen Davis

Scott Anez...Baby, it's a new year. Some would say it's a transition year for the Orlando Magic. Are you looking forward to year number two with the Magic?

Baby Davis...Most definitely. Ya know, I'm looking forward to the new beginning. We have a new coach, a new G-M. A lot of new players and it's a different role for me this year. The more I think about the upcoming year, the more excited I get. I just can't wait.

Scott...Baby, you've all of a sudden become an elder-statesman on this team now. Once upon a time, you were mentored by guys like Kevin Garnett in Boston. Do you view your role as a mentor to some of the young guys on this team?

Baby...Most definitely. Ya know, you see young guys that come into the league and they don't understand things like how hard to work or how things are supposed to go or who do they look to. I think veterans have to play a big part in the development of young players. I look forward to helping the young guys develop their game and putting them on a path of greatness in the league.

Scott...Looking back to last year, it appeared to me that it took a while for you to fall in love with Orlando---and vice versa. Coming into year two, are you more comfortable being in that Magic uniform?

Baby...Ya know at the beginning of the year last year, I had a lot of ups and downs. I was with a new team. It was a lockout season. I had a couple of deaths in my family that really kinda took their toll on me. My game just didn't show up. But when I got past that and finally really got a chance to get out there and play, I got comfortable. I really got comfortable in my game and I really got and settled here. And you've seen the real Glen Davis. You've seen the reason why they brought me here. The future is promising and I'm looking forward to it.

Scott...The obligatory Dwight Howard question--You were a one-man wrecking crew against Indy in the playoffs without Dwight. Dwight's gone for good. How do you ad your team adjust to not having D-12 on the low post with you?

Baby...We can't dwell on the past. Dwight was a dominant player. We can't sit here and worry about that. We have a new beginning here and we're worried about our new beginning and what we have to do to make this organization become the organization that we dream it to be. So, the Dwight saga is over with and it's onto a new era.

Scott...If you listen to some of the so-called experts, you hear them say that this team has no chance to make the playoffs this season. Can this team shock the world and make a push to the playoffs this season?

Baby...Yes! I honestly do. I think with the veterans we have here and I think with the upside we have wit the future. And then our coach. I think a coach has a lot to do with guys going over and beyond--motivating guys to go run through the wall. It all starts with the veterans--making sure that we hold those young guys accountable. Let them know that every possession counts--know your role. Know the things that you need to know. I think, with the combination of all that and also the new culture here that's pure and honest, we're gonna win some games here. We're gonna sneak through the back door on some guys and get into the playoff race.