Transcript: Rob Kurz

Notre Dame's Rob Kurz. (Getty Images)
Workout transcript: June 5, 2008
6-9, 232, PF, Notre Dame

Prospect Profile

Q. How does it feel to get the first workout under your belt?
A. “It’s interesting. I’ve been preparing now for close to eight weeks probably. It’s exciting. This is my first work out. I didn’t really know what to expect. It’s nice to get this first one under my belt. It’s fun to play against great players and interact with great coaches and get to meet people like Larry Bird so it’s a fun experience.

Q. What do you know about the Pacers coming in here?
A. “Troy (Murphy) went to Notre Dame and I know Troy a little bit. I watched a lot of their games on League Pass throughout the year so I’m familiar with how they play and I’m a big fan of their organization.”

Q. Do you think you would fit in?
A. “I would love to play for them or obviously any team in the NBA but the Pacers have a great tradition and it seems like a great organization.”

Q. How nerve wracking is all of this or is it?
A. “After playing college basketball for four years, you’re used to high pressure situations. This is a little different. This is a dream ever since I was young to play in the NBA but you’ve got to be confident in your game with the time you put in and g out there and leave it all out on the court.”

Q. What are things you want to show coaches?
A. “I want to show that I’m a hard working guy, that I can shoot the basketball, that I’m a smart player and that I’m a skilled forward that can do a variety of things.”

Q. Have you been to other places (for workouts)?
A. “This is my first one. I’m leaving for Chicago tomorrow and next week I go to Houston.”

Q. Are you looking forward to the Draft?
A. “It’s going to be interesting to see what happens. I’m definately looking forward to the rest of the workouts and going through this experience.”

Q. What kind of feedback have you gotten from these guys here after the workout and through the workout process what do you hope to establish?
A. “First and foremost I hope they’ll call my agent and tell him they like how I played and that they’re interested in having me on their team. Basically just take it one step at a time, go through the workouts, see what the feedback is from your agent and basically just wait for the draft.”