Prospect Profile 2010: Eric Bledsoe

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College: Kentucky | Birthday: 10/23/90 | NBA Position: PG/SG | Class: Freshman | Ht: 6-1 | Wt: 192

Strengths: Freshman point guard blessed with rare athletic gifts ... Combines great length with tremendous explosiveness ... Has a lightning quick first step that makes him almost impossible to stay in front of ... Makes his moves very decisively and changes direction abruptly without losing stride ... His speed with the rock, especially in the open court, is remarkable ... Has a powerful, chiseled frame for a guard that helps mask his height deficiency ... When he gets a full head of steam - look out. He's like a running back in the open field ... His upper body strength allows him to finish through punishing blows ... Uses his left hand very adroitly around the rim ... An impressive leaper, rising to the rim with relative ease and throwing down some impressive jams ... Exhibits the ability to hang and adjust shots mid-flight ... Has a knack for hitting shots of the circus variety on a fairly regular basis. Never loses sight of the hoop, even when contorting his body. Despite being asked to fill more of a scorer's role than he’s accustomed to (11 point per game), has not forced his offense. Shot 47% on 9 shots per contest this season ... Three point accuracy has been a pleasant surprise, knocking down 41% on nearly 4 attempts per game. (showed improvement late in the year) ... A solid passer (3 assists per), especially in transition where he can use his instincts rather than reading defenses ... His superb lateral quickness, foot speed and freakish wingspan make him a potential lock down defender ... Clutch. Has stepped in the NCAA tournament showing his ability to play well in pressure situations.

Weaknesses: Turnovers have been a problem at 3 per game ... Decision making has been questionable at times, as he tends to continually play on fast forward- this can be partially attributed to the chaotic style Kentucky plays ... Goes through phases where he has tunnel vision towards the basket, dribbling with his head down and not paying any attention to the defensive alignment ... Leaves his feet to pass on many occasions, which often results in an offensive foul or no place to pass and a turnover ... Despite his strength, settles for too many wild layups in an attempt to avoid contact when he should be seeking it out (attempts only 3 FT's per) ... Extremely limited elevation on his jumper, shooting more of a set shot (should look to adjust his shooting form ... Has a slow release and takes too much time getting his body underneath the shot ... Rarely takes advantage of the mid-range game- will take the occasional short jumper only if left unguarded ... While he's had some massive performances this year, there are too many clunkers thrown in ... When he struggles in the early going of games he can mentally check out for the remainder ... Needs to find ways to impact the result when not on his A game.

Notes: Blesdoe was recruited as a point guard out of High School, but with the presence of John Wall has played mostly two guard. It's difficult to appraise his floor leadership and game management until he has the full lead guard reins. Due to that he is regarded as a high risk, high reward, potential based draft pick.

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