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From the Great Wall to Bankers Life, Fans Make the Journey

By: Ashley Peek

Name: Roy Wong
Hometown: Guangzhou, Chica
Age: 26
Pacer Fan For: 15+ years
Current Favorite Player: Tyler Hansbrough

Roy Wong traveled to the United State for the first time from Guangzhou, China all to make it to an Indiana Pacers basketball game in person.

Wong has been a fan of the Pacers for over 15 years and it dates back to the Reggie Miller era, stating that Pacers fans in China ran relate to Miller.

“My favorite Pacer memory was in 1998 when Reggie pushed Michael Jordan off of him and made the buzzer beating 3-pointer,” Wong said. “That was a great moment.”

Wong made the 15+ hour trip from his hometown in China into Los Angeles and was quite please with how nice everyone in the US was to him on his arrival.

However, Wong kept his trip to America a secret from his parents. “They think I’m here to study.”

When asked about his favorite part of Indiana, besides the obviously answer of the Pacers, Wong mentioned his love from the Indiana University basketball team and NCAA basketball.

Although Wong and three friends made the journey to see their beloved Pacers in person, the majority of Pacer fans are looked down upon by other NBA fans in China.

“We are seen as the outcast,” Wong said. “There is only about 200 of us.”

But those 200 hold strong and show their support on Every half-year the fans get together to have an event honoring the team.

Wong says he will continue to be a Pacers fan for the rest of his life, and hope to one day be able to be a season ticket holder for the Indiana Pacers.

No matter how far you may travel to witness the Indiana Pacers play, a common bond of fandom is a good one to have.