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Color? Pink

Movie? The Notebook

Book? Water for Elephants

Food? Mexican Food

Candy? Sweet Tarts

NBA Player? Kobe Bryant

Lakers Player? Kobe Bryant

TV Show? Teen Wolf on MTV

Cartoon Character? Ninja Turtles

Story about your childhood? I loved dressing up and putting on performances for my family

Car? 1964 Ford Mustang

Animal? Elephants

Super Hero? Batman

Amusement Park? Disneyland

Band? The Strokes

Dessert? Raspberry cheesecake

Actor? Johnny Depp

Video game? Beatles Rock Band

Questions For You?

Hobbies? When I'm not dancing I like working out, going camping, hiking and spending time with my friends and family!

If you could be a celebrity/athlete/actor/singer, who would it be? I would want to be Tina Fey because she is a great actress and extremely funny!

Which Famous person would you like to have dinner with? I would like to have dinner with Paul McCartney.

If you could say one thing to the Lakers fans... what would that be? Come to the game wearing your Lakers gear and be sure to cheer loud!

Describe yourself... personality. I am very determined. I like working hard and having fun along the way.

Sum up yourself w/one word. Bubbly

What are you looking forward to, in this season? I'm looking forward to all the new faces on the Laker Girls squad, as well as on the Lakers team. It should be a fun and exciting season!

Why did you decide to audition to be a Laker Girl? I auditioned to be a Laker Girl because I love dancing and performing. The last four years have been a dream come true being apart of the Lakers Organization and the Laker Girls squad.

If you could vacation anywhere, where would that be? I would love to vacation in Iceland. I think it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Name the most inspirational person in your life? The most inspirational people in my life are my parents. They have always been there for me, and they continue to support and encourage me to go for my dreams. I would not be the person I am today without them.

Fondest memory? (Childhood? As a Laker Girl?) My fondest memory as a Laker Girl was when we beat the Boston Celtics in game seven for the 2009-2010 NBA Championship!!

What do you like most about being a part of the Laker Girls dance team? I like being able to do what I love, which is dance, by performing on the court for the best sports organization in the world. I also really enjoy going out into the community and meeting so many Lakers fans.

What do people like most about you? I think what people like most about me is that I'm down to earth, friendly and a great listener.

Dislikes... Vegetable? Food? I don't like tomatoes, mushrooms, tuna or whip cream.

If you could play an instrument – which one would it be? I would like to be able to play the guitar.

If you could be in the Olympics – which sport would it be? I would like to be an Olympic gymnast, because I wish I could be fearless and tumble the way they do.

Your Horoscope Sign? Capricorn

If you can say anything to the Lakers fans in L.A. - what would you say? Thank you so much for being the greatest fans in the world!!