Laker Girls Blog 02/13/12 - Julie

Hi Lakers Fans!

Can you believe we're almost halfway through the season?!

Despite a unpredictable start of the NBA season, and as a rookie on this year’s Laker Girls dance team, I was especially excited when we did get this season started!
It has been such a fun time and we all have been incredibly fortunate to stay busy…’s nice to interact with the amazing die-hard Lakers fans!

We, the Laker Girls, have been working hard since auditions in July to represent our organization. It was such an honor to be selected onto the team this year, and I can honestly say that every single time I put on one of our uniforms I still get butterflies! It's more humbling than anything else to be able to represent such an incredible organization, basketball team and dance team. I have many cherished memories from this season so far, but one of my favorites will always be the moment we stepped onto the court for the first time on Christmas day - the purple and gold everywhere, the excitement from the fans and the realization that my dream of being a Laker Girl was happening right at that very moment!! That is something I will never forget!

Since that day, our schedule has been absolutely packed. Between Lakers games, D-Fenders games, charity events, promotional appearances, practices and everything in between, I've never been happier, or busier! Finding time to eat - well is sometimes difficult, but I have found a new love for Carl's Jr.'s charbroiled sandwiches and salads. I can get a balanced, lower-calorie meal “on the go” wherever my next event may be. Whenever I see a Carl's Jr., I know I can eat healthy!

One of the best parts, for me, as a Laker Girl is the support from all the wonderful Lakers fans. The energy and excitement in STAPLES Center at a game is unlike anything I've ever experienced! I may be a little biased, but I truly think we have the best fans in the world!! Ups, downs, wins, losses - I will ALWAYS be a Lakers fan….. and I feel that very same dedication at each and every home game from all the fans. It is an honor to cheer on the Lakers alongside such great supporters!

I can't wait to proudly put on my uniform and cheer our team on each and every day.

Let's go Lakers!!!

Lakers Love,

Julie :)

Read more about Julie on her Laker Girls Profile page.


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