Predraft Workouts: Wednesday (Session 2)

The Lakers hosted their second predraft workout session of the day at the team's practice facility in advance of the June 26 Draft.

Among the players participating in the second group were: Aaron Gordon (Arizona), Doug McDermott (Creighton), James Young (Kentucky), Elfrid Payton (Louisiana Lafayette), Davion Berry (Weber State) and Jerry Evans (Nevada).

*Note: Nik Stauskas did not participate in session one and Rodney Hood did not participate in session two as originally scheduled.

Below is a transcription of quotes from the respective prospects:


Q: On his thoughts on when he sees the retired jerseys and championship banners hanging on the rafters:
McDermott: It’s pretty crazy. It’s a dream come true. It’s my first workout so I was a little nervous to start, especially it being the Lakers, but it went really well. It’s a privilege to be here.

Q: On what he plans to work on the next few weeks before the NBA Draft:
McDermott: Ballhandling mainly and lateral quickness. I feel like my jumper will always be there. I just have to work on the in between stuff. I have a long ways to go in that area, but I feel like I’ll improve every day.

Q: On if he’s heard any comparisons to current NBA players:
McDermott: It’s a tough comparison but guys like (Kyle) Korver. I’m really good at coming off screens, I’m a great shooter. I watch a lot of Ray Allen, guys like that. I feel like I can really find a role in this league and maximize that.

Q: On what position he’ll defend in the NBA:
McDermott: I could get a lot bigger. I’m not going to grow any more so I definitely have to hit the weight room hard and that’ll allow me to guard a four at times. But I guarded a lot of strong guys in college so I think I can adjust once I get a little stronger, but as of now, I’m going to have to guard three’s and possibly two’s, and I think I can do it.

Q: On what it was like being a four-year guy competing and being around multiple underclassmen in workouts:
McDermott: It’s pretty crazy. I couldn’t imagine being 18 or 19 going through this process. I feel like I’m still a young guy, but I’m three years older than them. I like to give guys like that advice, too. Obviously they’re good guys and they’re open to listening to older guys.


Q: On his thoughts on working out here in Los Angeles:
Gordon: The trophies back there, I went up and asked somebody: ‘Are those real?’ I thought it was pretty interesting. It would be amazing to play here, but like I said, I’m just excited to be picked by any team.

Q: On what he wants to show teams in these workouts:
Gordon: I think I just have to show people that I’m not losing what got me here, which is my athleticism, my motor and my intangibles. Everything else is just icing on the cake. I’m shooting the ball a little bit better and people are finally seeing how well I can dribble the ball and how well I can pass the ball.

Q: On what position he sees himself playing in the NBA:
Gordon: Point forward. Forward as of right now and then developing into a point forward. I’ve played point forward my entire life but at the next level I want to be a forward and then develop into that.

Q: On possibly playing with Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash:
Gordon: Kobe is psychotic about basketball and I am too. That would be absolutely incredible learning from a great, just the little intricacies of the game, the details. I’d love to see his work ethic. Kobe is the definition of a true pro as well as Steve Nash. Being around those two guys would help me tremendously.


Q: On if he proved himself in just one year at Kentucky:
Young: Definitely. I showed I can score, rebound and just go out there and compete.

Q: On his more natural position, whether that be shooting guard or small forward:
Young: More of a two. I’ve been playing the two most of my career until I got to Kentucky.

Q: On if playing at Kentucky prepared himself for the NBA:
Young: Our practices were two or three a days and it was always hard and long. It definitely prepared me for something like this.


Q: On how he would sum up or describe his game:
Payton: I like to get out there defensively and get up and down. I like to live in the paint and make plays for my teammates or myself, whether it’s dropping it down to the big man or kicking it out to the open shooter, or having to finish a the rim myself.

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