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Meet The Team

Next to our mascot, the ATL Hawks Dancers are the best-known community ambassadors in the Hawks Entertainment umbrella. Comprised of 21 members who possess elite dance skills, the team performs complex routines and are an integral part of the overall game experience. This group receives exposure on a national and international scale and represents the Hawks' organization at a multitude of community events throughout the calendar year.

Alexis F.
Ashley G.
Calvin B.
Chenise J.
Cody Z.
DeMonte P.
Haley L.
Isabel B.
Jada J.
Jada L.
Jaleah R.
Jasmine L.
Jayla B.
Kennedy F.
Lee K.
Lexi A.
Lindsay B.
Meghan W.
Manami O.
Stephanie R.
Tori H.

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