Staff Directory

Partnership and Senior Management
Name Title
Ted Leonsis Founder, Chairman, Principal Partner and Chief Executive Officer, Monumental Sports & Entertainment
Governor, Washington Wizards
Raul Fernandez Vice Chairman and Partner, Monumental Sports & Entertainment
Alternate Governor, Washington Wizards
Dick Patrick Vice Chairman and Partner, Monumental Sports & Entertainment
Sheila Johnson Vice Chairman and Partner, Monumental Sports & Entertainment
David Blair MSE Partner, Monumental Sports & Entertainment
Scott Brickman MSE Partner, Monumental Sports & Entertainment
Neil Cohen MSE Partner, Monumental Sports & Entertainment
Jack Davies MSE Partner, Monumental Sports & Entertainment
Richard Fairbank MSE Partner, Monumental Sports & Entertainment
Michelle DiFebo Freeman MSE Partner, Monumental Sports & Entertainment
Laurene Powell Jobs MSE Partner, Monumental Sports & Entertainment
Richard Kay MSE Partner, Monumental Sports & Entertainment
Jeong H. Kim MSE Partner, Monumental Sports & Entertainment
Mark D. Lerner MSE Partner, Monumental Sports & Entertainment
Anthony Nader MSE Partner, Monumental Sports & Entertainment
Fred Schaufeld MSE Partner, Monumental Sports & Entertainment
Earl Stafford MSE Partner, Monumental Sports & Entertainment
George Stamas MSE Partner, Monumental Sports & Entertainment
Cliff White MSE Partner, Monumental Sports & Entertainment

Monumental Sports & Entertainment Executives
Name Title
Peter Biche Chief Financial Officer
Abby Blomstrom Executive Vice President and General Counsel
Kelly Skoloda Chief People Officer
David Touhey President, Venues
Monica Dixon Executive Vice President and Chief of Staff, Monumental Sports & Entertainment
Zach Leonsis Sr. Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, Monumental Sports & Entertainment and General Manager, Monumental Sports Network
Jim Van Stone President, Business Operations and Chief Commercial Officer

Front Office
Name Title
Tommy Sheppard General Manager
Sashi Brown Chief Planning and Operations Officer, Monumental Basketball
Daniel Medina Chief of Athlete Care and Performance, Monumental Basketball
Brett Greenberg Assistant General Manager for Strategy and Analytics
Frank Ross Vice President, College Personnel
Johnny Rogers Vice President, Pro Personnel
John Thompson III Vice President of Player Engagement, Monumental Basketball
Mark Simpson Vice President of Player Performance, Monumental Basketball
Sashia Jones Vice President of Player Development and Social Engagement, Monumental Basketball
Scott Hall Vice President, Communications
Cathy Smith Sr. Director, Administration
Steve Smith Sr. Director, Health Wellness & Performance
Jesse Phillips Director, Player Performance & Rehabilitation
Navin Hettiarachchi Director, Player Care & Wellness
Blair O'Donovan Director, Physical Preparation
Jeff Bangs Athletic Trainer
Daren Jenkins Director, Basketball Communications
DeAndre Phillips Director, Media Relations
Tony DiLeo Director, College Personnel
Antawn Jamison Director, Pro Personnel
Greg Kershaw Director, Basketball Operations
Lisa Center Manager, Administration
Ben Eidelberg Manager, Basketball Strategy and Analytics
Sam Kaplan Coordinator, Basketball Strategy and Analytics
Alec Arnault Coordinator, Basketball Operations
Kyla Molina Coordinator, Basketball Operations
Teon Watson Coordinator, Basketball Operations
Rob Suller Equipment Manager
Jerry Walter Basketball Facilities Manager
Dave Avery Assistant Locker Room/Equipment Manager
Jackie Miles Manager, Team Services
Dave Best Team Security
Lacey Bruins Manager, Facilities and Events

Coaching Staff
Name Title
Scott Brooks Head Coach
Tony Brown Associate Head Coach
Robert Pack Assistant Coach
Mike Longabardi Assistant Coach
Mike Terpstra Assistant Coach
Jarell Christian Assistant Coach
Corey Gaines Assistant Coach
Dean Oliver Assistant Coach
Eric Sebastian Director, Coaching Operations
David Adkins Director, Player Development
Kamran Sufi Manager, Player Development
Kristi Toliver Assistant Coach/Player Development
Landon Tatum Assistant Coach/Player Development
Alex McLean Assistant Coach/Player Development
Jimmy Bradshaw Video Coordinator/Player Development Assistant
Isaac Jenkins Assistant Video Coordinator/Player Development Assistant
Ryan Lumpkin Player Development Assistant/Equipment Assistant
Mike Williams Player Development Assistant
Zuri Williams Advance Scout

Name Title
Hunter Lochmann Chief Marketing Officer
Rebecca Winn Vice President, Marketing
Cassidy Lien Vice President, Game Presentation
Jacob Raim Sr. Director, Digital Media
Krista Olson Sr. Director, Marketing
Derric Whitfield Sr. Director, Dance Teams
Grade Rudder Art Director, Creative Services
Chelsea Powell Director, Game Presentation
Kristen Miles Director, Community Relations
Jamal Jones Director, Retail
Chris Gehring Sr. Manager, Digital Media
Zach Rosen Sr. Manager, Digital Media
Jessica DeVito Sr. Manager, Game Presentation
Shannon Clancy Sr. Manager, Youth Basketball
Erin Johnson Manager, Marketing
Blair Berry Manager, Social Media
Jameson Martinez Coordinator, Youth Basketball
Jason Roberts Coordinator, Game Entertainment
Nick Raines Coordinator, Game Presentation
Alicia Vining Coordinator, Marketing
Andy Mattice Graphic Designer
Michelle Kim Associate Graphic Designer
Kaya Gordon Associate Graphic Designer

Monumental Productions
Name Title
Jim Kowats Sr. Vice President, Productions
Aimee Brillhart Vice President, Productions
Bryan Nolde Director, Post Production
Timothy Libeau Sr. Editor, Productions
Steven Roessler Sr. Editor, Productions
Kelsey Mizeur Sr. Videographer, Productions
Nichole Barry-Reed Sr. Production Manager, Productions
Zach Hollifield Sr. Motion Graphics Designer, Productions
Matt Black Motion Graphics Designer, Productions
Mike Powell Jr. Motion Graphics Designer, Productions
Kelsey Graf Jr. Motion Graphics Designer, Productions
Lucas Lovett Editor/Motion Graphics Designer, Productions
Robert Clarke Editor, Productions
Yannick Skerritt Segment Producer, Productions
Dan Nolan Producer, Productions
Kevin Kreigh Associate Producer, Productions
Ariel Woolfolk ENG Shooter, Productions
Alex Diamond ENG Shooter, Productions
Keith Burns Media Manager, Productions
Tania Henao Associate Producer/Videographer, Productions
Zach Williams Assistant Editor, Productions
Scott Silberstein Assistant Editor, Productions
Eman Getu Assistant Editor, Productions
Casey Martindale Assistant Editor, Productions
Kelsey Marsh Coordinating Producer, Productions

Monumental Sports and Entertainment Global Partnerships
Name Title
Patrick Duffy Sr. Vice President, Global Partnerships
Patsy Coyle Vice President, Global Partnerships Renewal and Retention
Roger Moskowitz Vice President, Global Partnerships
Lew Strudler Vice President, Global Partnerships
Bob Rossi Vice President, Global Partnerships
Lee Stacey Vice President, Global Partnerships
Erik Leibovitz Vice President, Global Partnerships
John Blume Vice President, Global Partnerships
Greg Monares Sr. Director, Global Partnership Operations
Mike Merolla Sr. Director, Global Partnerships
Letitia Petrillo Sr. Director, Global Partnership Marketing
Mindy Pipes Sr. Director, Strategic Partnerships
Lauren Johnson Sr. Director, Global Partnership Strategy & Development
Britton Spark Director, Global Partnership Design
Ryan Nava Director, Digital Partnerships
Mallory Devine Director, Global Partnership Strategy
Jack Dennehy Sr. Manager, Strategic Partnerships
Krystin Lawson Sr. Manager, Strategic Partnerships
Tricia Aoki Sr. Manager, Strategic Partnerships
Andrea Martynec Sr. Manager, Global Partnership Marketing
Haley Leonard Sr. Manager, Global Partnership Marketing
Matt Kronzek Sr. Manager, Global Partnership Marketing
Katherine Spence Sr. Manager, Global Partnership Design
Brittany Mansourimoaied Manager, Global Partnership Design
Mallory Walker Manager, Global Partnership Strategy
Nicole Blum Manager, Global Partnership Strategy
Mike Ratzenberger Manager, Global Partnership Systems & Reporting
Hayden Terlip Manager, Global Partnership Marketing
Will Glomstead Manager, Global Partnership Marketing
Lawrence Garrett Manager, Global Partnership Marketing
Molly McShalley Manager, Global Partnership Marketing
Simon Heidingsfelder Manager, Global Partnership Marketing
Patrick Henneghan Coordinator, Global Partnership Marketing

Monumental Sports Network
Name Title
Grant Hastings Vice President, Network Operations
Jennifer Matthews Sr. Director, Marketing
Kim Rose Sr. Director, Monumental Network
Brad Hallen Director, Data & Analytics
Caitlin Mangum Sr. Manager, Content & Programming
Tessa Middour Sr. Manager, Marketing
Brad Bobrow Sr. Manager, Digital Media
Meghan McPeak Manager, Content & Programming
Tadai Abilla Manager, Grassroots & Event Marketing
Elyssa Morris Coordinator, Digital Media
Jake Brodsky Coordinator, Social Media

Name Title
Keith Burrows Sr. Vice President, Finance
Mike Mercer Sr. Director, Accounting
Catrina Knight Accounts Payable Manager
Hillary Oleson Staff Accountant

Senior Ticket Sales
Name Title
Bill Hanni Sr. Vice President, Ticket Sales and Service
Rob Erwin Sr. Director, Ticket Sales
Ryan Shapiro Director, Ticket Sales
Crystal Anderson Sr. Regional Sales Manager
Johnnie Lonon Regional Sales Manager
Riley Kirsch Regional Sales Manager
Alex Graves Regional Sales Manager
Kevin Donahue Regional Sales Manager
Jacob Polin Regional Sales Manager
Matt Ropp Regional Sales Manager
Cameron Lipnicky Regional Sales Manager
Andre Tunstill Regional Sales Manager
Matt Hoffman Regional Sales Manager
Jessie Beer Regional Sales Manager
Levi Combs Regional Sales Manager

Group Ticket Sales
Name Title
Erin Mitchell Martin Director, Group Sales
Colby Bryant Manager, Group Sales
Jordan Anderson Manager, Group Sales
Lauren Zavaleta Manager, Group Sales
Eliza Lawrence Manager, Group Sales
Robert Minnitte Manager, Youth Basketball Sales
Caroline Bixby Coordinator, Group Sales

Inside Ticket Sales
Name Title
Carly Salerno Director, Inside Sales
Janet Oliva Account Executive, Inside Sales
Phillip Shuler Account Executive, Inside Sales
Cameron Steele Account Executive, Inside Sales
Brian Wistreich Account Executive, Inside Sales
Lena Washington Account Executive, Inside Sales
Kevin Weber Account Executive, Inside Sales
Jordan Bowling Account Executive, Inside Sales
Joe Lavoie Account Executive, Inside Sales
Jason Ley Account Executive, Inside Sales
Morgan Assel Account Executive, Inside Sales
Jamie Higgins Account Executive, Inside Sales
Aubrey Syrek Account Executive, Inside Sales
Erinn Stephenson Account Executive, Inside Sales
Jonathan Korobkin Account Executive, Inside Sales
MacKenna Norris Account Executive, Inside Sales
Madison Kiessling Account Executive, Inside Sales
Riley Brass Account Executive, Inside Sales
Taylor Thames Account Executive, Inside Sales
Louis Liu Account Executive, Inside Sales

DC 12 Club Membership Services
Name Title
Neil Hofman Sr. Director, Membership Services
Sarah Toussaint Assistant Director, Membership Services
Tony Duffy Sr. Membership Services Manager
Zack Hernandez Membership Services Manager
Jen Santander Membership Services Manager
Zach Brown Membership Services Manager
Crystal Xu Willard Membership Services Manager
Julius Johnson Membership Services Manager
Kylie Fargo Manager, Sales Planning

Ticket Operations
Name Title
Chris Sheap Vice President, Ticket Operations
Laura Bryer Director, Ticket Operations
Bryan Floyd Sr. Manager, Ticket Operations
Kristin Thomas Coordinator, Ticket Operations
Jamel Lavine Coordinator, Ticket Operations

Executive Suites
Name Title
Rick Moreland Sr. Vice President
Richard Garrard Sr. Director, Sales
Greg Turner Sr. Director, Sales
Bruce Zalbe Sr. Director, Sales
Vlady Entin Sr. Director, Sales
Ron Potter Director, Sales
Brian Dean Sales Manager
Evan Waghelstein Sales Manager
Lorin Hranicka Vice President, Client Services and Operations
Rachel Northridge Sr. Manager, Client Services
Grace White Suites Sales and Marketing Manager
Kerry Gregg Sr. Director, Operations
Sharlett Nobles Director, Operations
Stephanie Zok Box Office Manager

Business Intelligence
Name Title
Adam Heintz Sr. Vice President, Business Intelligence
Adam Falkson Sr. Director, Business Intelligence
Jessica Pannell Analyst, Business Intelligence
Leah Rindler Sr. Director, Business Intelligence and Email Marketing
Luke Willardson Manager, Business Intelligence/Email Marketing
Kathryn Kozlakowski Specialist, Business Intelligence/Email Marketing
Danielle Shindler Analyst, Business Intelligence/Email Marketing
Clifford Simmons Sr. Manager, Business Intelligence and Global Partnerships Analytics
Sam Harris Manager, Business Intelligence and Global Partnerships Analytics
Megan Massimino Analyst, Business Intelligence and Global Partnerships Analytics
Jakira White Analyst, Business Intelligence and Global Partnerships Analytics
Jim Minichiello Sr. Director, CRM
Brandon Pyle Manager, CRM
Sam Hellier Manager, CRM
Daniel Retaleato Specialist, CRM Development

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