Wizards unveil limited-edition bobblehead set

WASHINGTON, D.C. - As the NBA celebrates their 75th anniversary, the Washington Wizards will honor the organization’s past with a limited quantity collectable bobblehead set of former iconic Washington Bullets players Manute Bol (Feb. 7 vs. Miami), Gheorghe Muresan (Mar. 27 vs. Golden State) and Wes Unseld (Apr. 1 vs. Dallas).

The limited-edition set features an interconnected base that combines to form a vintage Bullets court. To pay homage to the franchise, each player will wear a different Bullets jersey. Bol and Muresan’s bobbleheads will also be taller in size to represent their stature as having been the two tallest players in league history.

Bol, who was selected by the Bullets in the 1985 NBA Draft, will wear the Washington Bullets white uniform unveiled in 1989. The Wizards will hand out 7,700 bobbleheads on Feb. 7 in tribute to his 7'7" height.

Muresan, who played four seasons with Washington, will be featured wearing the all-red Bullets jersey that the team wore from 1989-1997. Tied with Bol for being the tallest players to play in the NBA, the first 7,700 fans will receive a Muresan bobblehead on Mar. 27.

The last of the set will be released on Apr. 1, when the Wizards celebrate Hall of Fame Night in honor of franchise legend and Hall of Famer Wes Unseld. Unseld’s bobblehead, featuring the classic white with red stripes Bullets jersey that launched in 1974, will also display a championship trophy on the base to represent winning the 1978 NBA Championship. In recognition of the Bullets winning the championship and being named the 1978 NBA Finals MVP, the first 7,800 fans will receive a bobblehead.

Fans wishing to collect the limited-edition bobblehead set can purchase tickets by visiting this LINK.